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September 14, 2006 13:29 ET

Vitamin Manufacturer Andrew Lessman Joins Vitamin Angels to Serve the Nutritional Needs of Pregnant Women and Young Children Worldwide

HENDERSON, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- September 14, 2006 -- On Sunday, September 17, customers purchasing Andrew Lessman's Today's Special on HSN will also be contributing to pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children getting the vitamins they desperately need. Andrew and his company, ProCaps Laboratories, will donate $1 per bottle sold of his Today's Special to Vitamin Angels for the prevention of vitamin and nutrient deficiencies where it is needed most -- in developing countries.

ProCaps Laboratories has also commenced another donation -- in the form of develop a series of formulas for distribution via Vitamin Angels throughout the developing world to serve the needs of mothers and their children. ProCaps Labs and Andrew Lessman aspire to distribute hundreds of millions of vitamins throughout the developing world with the help of Vitamin Angels.

"For almost 30 years -- over 15 of them on national television -- I have educated the public about the vital role vitamins and other nutritional ingredients can play towards our optimum health," said Lessman. "As dramatic a difference as I have seen supplements make in the lives of hundreds of thousand of Americans, there is no comparison to the life-changing and even life-saving role these supplements can play in the developing world. I am and grateful for the opportunity that Vitamin Angels provides me to support their remarkable work for young mothers and children throughout the world."

The World Health Organization recognizes that deficiencies of key vitamins and minerals constitute a major global health problem. Poverty-stricken areas don't provide access to the fruit, vegetables, meat and fortified foods that are required to prevent nutrient deficiencies and this causes the people living in these areas to be more susceptible to potentially fatal illness, including blindness, malaria, measles, pneumonia and more. While these deficiencies are dangerous for all people, they are particularly hazardous for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young children. Nutrient deficiencies have been linked to an increased risk of dying during childbirth or giving birth to an underweight, unhealthy or mentally impaired baby. It is appalling that in this day and age, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that 52.5% of all deaths around the world in young children are attributable to undernourishment. Vitamin Angels is committed to solving this worldwide crisis.

About ProCaps Laboratories

Headquartered in Henderson, NV, Andrew Lessman's ProCaps Laboratories has been creating the purest, most high quality vitamin and nutritional supplements for almost 30 years. Their products are uniquely 100% additive-free and produced entirely using solar power, thereby ensuring their respect for your body and our planet. ProCaps' expertise in the design and manufacture of vitamin and mineral supplements is unparalleled and Vitamin Angels is proud and excited to partner with Andrew Lessman and ProCaps Labs to help prevent disease and death in mothers and children throughout the developing world.

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