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December 03, 2013 08:00 ET

Vitria Unveils Streaming Data Analytics Apps for Real-Time Business Activity Monitoring in the Cloud

Empowers Business Users to Leverage Streaming Data to Improve Operations and the Customer Experience

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 3, 2013) - Vitria Technology, Inc., the Operational Intelligence Company, today unveiled five new streaming data analytics Apps designed to simplify and accelerate real-time business activity monitoring (BAM) in the cloud.

The latest Operational Intelligence (OI) Apps empower business users to easily track and trace operational activity across applications, organizational silos, and other barricades, in real-time, and then take immediate action on the uncovered insights, a task that was hard to accomplish with silo-ed monitoring systems.

Business users can now uncover, analyze, and act on actual business activity patterns -- in seconds and minutes. This helps them tackle supply chain challenges, fraudulent financial transactions, delayed order fulfillment and shipments, online customer service issues, and suspicious people of interest in real-time, before a customer or the broader organization is affected.

"Our latest set of OI Apps deliver on our vision around the importance of placing the power of real-time business activity monitoring where it should belong -- in the hands of business users. They can instantaneously identify and remediate bottlenecks in the supply chain, detect and immediately squelch fraudulent behavior, and predict when customers are about to churn and entice them with compelling offers -- without having to rely on an army of developers. What took months, can now be accomplished in seconds and minutes," says Dr. Dale Skeen, Vitria co-founder and CTO.

The five Vitria OI Apps can help:

1. Uncover, Correlate and Analyze Business Patterns in Real-Time - The Activity Discovery App lets enterprises quickly detect and analyze business patterns in real-time -- typical paths, exception paths, and bottlenecks -- from live streams of data to proactively speed corrective action. It helps business users visualize and analyze each transaction or activity as it unfolds.

2. Simplify Tracking Activity - The Activity Tracker App significantly simplifies tracking activity that spans businesses and application silos. It lets business users leverage a "discovered" activity pattern or easily map out the major business milestones that they want to monitor in real-time, delivering unparalleled visibility into end-to-end processes.

3. Define and Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in minutes - The latest enhancements in stream processing packed into the KPI Builder App make it easier than ever before for data analysts and power users to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) over streaming data. It helps them easily see trends, predict problems, and optimize outcomes using the auto-generated dashboards.

4. Configure and Share Live Dashboards - The Dashboard Builder App lets users create highly interactive and intuitive live dashboards that can be shared in seconds.

5. Access Live Streams of Data - Business users can easily access live streams of data for immediate analysis and action with the Stream Builder App. The result is continuous and incremental updates to the analysis which significantly reduces latency in decision-making.

To make it easy for enterprises to explore these capabilities at their own pace, Vitria is also inviting companies to try the solution at

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