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February 13, 2013 09:05 ET

Vivakor Issues Shareholder Update With Results From 2012 Financials and Outlook for 2013

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwire - February 13, 2013) -  Vivakor Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VIVK) issued the following shareholder update:

Vivakor Inc. has made great strides in 2012 toward increasing the distribution of its current technologies and the acquisition of new but synergistic technologies and assets. During 2012 the Company had minimal operations as all efforts have been spent on building revenue streams and multiplying the value of the investments made. The Company experienced minimal book value asset growth from 2012 in the form of investments as most of the capital expenditures will occur in 2013. Such investments are expected to provide an increase in asset book value during 2013. The Company's model is to create and build revenue streams for its current technologies and acquire similar and new technologies that can produce revenue in a six month period of time or less from investment. The Company has made commitments for such events and is involved in financing efforts as milestones are completed. 

Our VivaVentures holdings were drastically enhanced in 2012. The Company acquired a minority interest in an alternative energy company, via stock acquisition, called QuantumSphere Inc. The Company has a non-controlling interest in QuantumSphere Inc. and feels that the technology developed over the years at QuantumSphere fits with Vivakor's objective of extending the quality and length of life by adding to the longevity of the environment. QuantumSphere's ability to create low cost fuel cell batteries that operate on waste zinc alone creates a great footprint for the future and competitive opportunities in the market. QuantumSphere is a world authority on nano-materials and metal vaporization technology. Their fuel cells require the use of specific metallics which are created with their proprietary technology. 

VivaVentures added to its portfolio in 2012 by acquiring metallic reserves that the Company believes will be essential for energy in the years to come. The Company foresees the need for certain rare earths and precious metals for fuel cell batteries and feels that such reserves will not only provide a low cost opportunity for the company to produce such products, but also adds to the company's balance sheet as such reserves become producing reserves, thus turning our assets from an in ground asset to a producing financeable instrument. To such effort the Company acquired interest in several mineral claims that have been assayed and proven to have high quantities of precious metals and rare earths. Additionally the Company acquired interest in a technology that uses a Vapor methodology to extract such metals. The Company believes that such technologies and reserves create the biggest current opportunity for the company to build its asset base and increase cash flow in the near term. This technology is unique and proprietary and allows the Company to extract precious metals and rare earths that others cannot. Simply put, 90% of the metallics are trapped in the chlorides that current mining operations cannot extract. The process that the VivaVentures Precious metals possesses enables the Company to extract such metallic content. This is a huge competitive advantage and the company is currently in the process of getting the first production extraction unit in operation. The Company expects this to be done by or near the end of February 2013. These operations will allow the Company to increase the book value of its assets as the reserves are now producing reserves. Additionally the Company has engaged bankers for the structuring of financial instruments once these reserves are producing that will also drastically change the financial complexion of the Company. Such reserves in Arizona are assayed to contain over 125 million ounces of in ground gold and all PMGs as well. During the next twelve months we expect to produce as many extraction units as possible with a minimum of four and a plan for twelve. These units are expected to extract 125 ounces of gold on a monthly basis as well as PMGs.

In 2012 the Company acquired an interest in a sales channel that has been distributing the Company's product "RegeneBlend" for the past three years. The Company has an interest holding in VivaCeuticals Inc., which distributes this product and other consumer products for health and wellness. Vivakor has made investments in this distribution and receives a royalty participation quarterly. The investment made by Vivakor Inc. into VivaCeuticals Inc. is secured by the assets of VivaCeuticals. Vivakor did receive royalties from September on in 2012 and looks forward to a great 2013 as it is projected that VivaCeuticals will have a growth rate over the next twelve months of $5 million on an annual growth rate. This will result in further royalties as well as an increase in the value of the asset and our stock holding in VivaCeutials Inc. We expect our holding in this asset to change drastically as VivaCeutials has options for external investment and acquisitions in the near future. Such value will be adjusted to our balance sheet as this event occurs. 

All the efforts and growth this coming year, 2013, will be materialized as the intangible assets increase in value, and as such events become monetized, the intangible becomes tangible and bookable on our balance sheet. Most of the value created in 2013 will be in the asset classification portion of the Company's balance sheet, and we expect revenue growth from our assets well reflected in the form of royalties, and/or distributions. Our shareholder value this coming year will be mainly increased by the precious metals extraction from VivaVentures Precious Metals. We also expect an increase to the value of the Company's holdings in QuantumSphere and VivaCeuticals as the stock value of each company increases. With the production of rare earths and precious metals, the Company positions itself as a hedge to the monetary instability as well as poised for technological growth in the future as alternative energy and an aging population will demand product based on our technology for energy and health.

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Vivakor, Inc. is a asset acquisition company that develops and acquires assets that generate revenue currently or in the near term. The Company acquires technologies and assets in the fields of precious minerals, biotechnology, and alternative energy. We have several mineral assets that have great value and both create a cash flow and a long term revenue stream for the Company. We have effectively acquired positions in other Green Energy companies. We have several operating assets that produce revenues and cash flow to the company. Our business model is to acquire cash-flowing or near term cash-flowing mineral and or technology assets that an identified need or a substantial market opportunity with a significant market. For more information please visit


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