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May 12, 2011 10:36 ET

Vivecoach Executive Exercise Challenge at Brocade Drives Record Engagement

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwire - May 12, 2011) - Vivecoach, the leading corporate wellness challenge application company, announces that its customer, Brocade (recently ranked one of the Top 10 Best Places to Work in the San Francisco Bay Area), has recently completed a 531-person global exercise challenge. With an employee completion rate of over 97% for participating employees and the commitment of the entire Brocade executive team, this was one of Vivecoach's most successful challenges. The challenge reinforced the power and value of executive involvement in driving health engagement.

To kick off the challenge, the company's top 12 executives formed a team and challenged all employees to compete against them in teams of 12. In all, 44 teams comprising 531 employees joined the challenge. Brocade set a target of 30 minutes of exercise per day per participant. The goal for this challenge was consistency and engagement in getting a large number of employees to exercise a healthy amount on a daily basis. If each member of a team completed 30 minutes of exercise for at least 10 of the 14 challenge days, that team was eligible to win Brocade-branded fitness gear. Bonus points and prizes were also doled out for completing "extra credit" activities. Ultimately most teams appeared to value the bragging rights, team building, and competition above the prizes.

By the end of the challenge 70% of the teams and 75% of the individual competitors reached or surpassed the 10-days-of-activity goal. Two Hundred competitors reached the 30-minute threshold for all 14 days and one team finished with a perfect score. In all, 97% of all competitors actively participated in the challenge; a huge success for a group of this size. Setting a pragmatic, attainable target helped get more employees involved and taught them that completing the AHA-recommended exercise amount was achievable. Further, the teaming that occurred over the course of the challenge helped these employees keep one another on-track and accountable for their exercise goals.

"This challenge was a huge hit at Brocade and we look forward to doing many more challenges with Vivecoach!" Lisa McGill, VP Worldwide HR, Brocade, Chair of WellFit Committee.

The group was very social and took full advantage of the Vivecoach "Challenge Wall." The group posted team photos and made more than 600 other wall posts, many of which mentioned walking, sports, and exercise groups that had formed during the challenge. Many users committed that they would continue to exercise with their new groups after the challenge ended.

"The exercise challenge encouraged me and a few of my coworkers to start playing squash at lunchtime. The challenge is over, but we've decided to keep playing a few times each week," said one participant.

Other participants reached out to Vivecoach for more challenges to keep them going.

"Just finished the challenge! I'm feeling light, energetic and lost a few pounds. Looking forward to a similar challenge in the future," said another.

Vivecoach continues to demonstrate the value of fun and social interaction in bringing visibility and action to corporate wellness efforts. Employees' acceptance of events and programs that can improve their health behaviors, while having fun with their co-workers and building esprit de corps, is being well proven.

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