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March 17, 2008 10:04 ET

Viyya Technologies CEO Reports on Corporate Objectives for 2008

Second Letter Outlining Sales & Marketing From Viyya CEO John Bay

FAIRFIELD, NJ--(Marketwire - March 17, 2008) - Viyya Technologies, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: VYON), the developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, Web 2.0-based information management application, announced its second letter in a series to VYON shareholders. Mr. Bay will report on 2007 sales and marketing activities and management objectives for the 2008 fiscal year. The text of the letter follows:

As the VIYYA and VIYYA Information Portal (VIP) products evolved in 2007, so did the method and structure of our sales and marketing plans. The core VIYYA technology changed from a single user content aggregation tool to a robust content aggregation platform. As a platform, VIYYA now has all the collaboration capabilities such as authoring, message boards and ratings that you find in other Web 2.0 platforms such as the social networking in MySpace and Facebook and the ability to share information and ideas within specific groups as shown in products such as Linkedin.

In addition to the Web 2.0 capabilities, we have worked on making VIYYA accessible via a wide spectrum of wireless devices -- not just displaying information on a cell phone but actually having the cell phone running our VIYYA Viewer. This functionality puts VIYYA in a class by itself as one of the only content aggregation tools capable of working directly on the Internet and devices such as cell phones.

Lastly, the VIP product line not only expands our markets into verticals that need our core VIYYA tools for the collection of unstructured data but now this data can be housed and shared with structured data such as reports, case management, document management and other data base centric information. This combination is extremely powerful, providing for the one-time, advanced searches capable of retrieving all types of information via a single keyword or Boolean search.

These product enhancements and releases now set the stage for an incredible year of sales and marketing opportunities as set forth below:

At this time, VIYYA Web 2.0 is now being released to selected users. Our recent successes in the association vertical market represent significant stepping stones to very large vertical deployments of VIYYA. VIYYA can now be delivered to groups or market segments with two new components -- a library of anchor sets already embedded in the product specific to the vertical and the ability for users within the vertical to share custom anchors with others.

We are planning on releasing vertically enabled versions of VIYYA for financial service applications such as Day Traders with pre-built anchors for all major message boards and stock sites. Other applications include corporate security embedded with physical and IT security feeds, campus security containing federal and state homeland security and FEMA connectivity and education containing links for school board members, administration and faculty. We hope to release at least one vertical segment application each quarter starting in Q2 2008 with campus security at the American Association of Community Colleges at their national show in Philadelphia in early April.

Next, let me address the doors that now open for us with our wireless AND broadband functionality. Our sales and marketing activities are now focused on commercial providers of broadband and wireless ISP services. Many of these providers are the world's largest companies capable of propelling Viyya Technologies from a small start-up organization to a company capable of servicing tens of millions of customers. Also included in the market segment are some of the world's largest wireless device manufacturers who are now exploring the lucrative data services markets.

Lastly, we have added the VIP to our product mix. We began designing it in the fall of 2006 and completed most of the functionality in 2007. We have already seen the power of our portal as we entered the campus security markets. So much so that we introduced and rewarded our shareholders with dividend shares in Virtual Ed Link Inc. (VELI). VELI has already made a significant impact on the way K-12, community colleges and university sectors are sectors are viewing their security needs. Similar successes are forthcoming in other areas such as homeland security, construction management and NCAA compliance among collegiate student athletes.

I hope all shareholders understand the significant work done to all of our products and the tremendous opportunities that are in store for Viyya this coming year. Actual projections for each market segment will be identified further during this series of Letters to Shareholders.

Thank you again for your continued support, loyalty and interest in our company.


John Bay
President & Chief Executive Officer

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Viyya™ Technologies (PINKSHEETS: VYON) is the developer and marketer of the world's most advanced, web-based information management application. Viyya's proprietary XScipt™ extraction engine, used in conjunction with RSS feeds and today's popular search engines from NASDAQ-listed Google, Yahoo, MSN, and NYSE-listed AOL, and others, provides Viyya users with a level of information management not available from other vendors.

The company's core technology manages disparate information from the Internet, corporate intranets, databases, newsgroups, email, and third-party feeds by enabling users to customize the way they collect, process, distribute and store data. VIYYA™ gives users the ability to retrieve filtered content from many sources, determine the relevancy of the information, and have the information processed into notifications, daily reminders, newspapers, or archived for future use. For additional company information, please visit

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