January 03, 2012 14:39 ET

Vlogbrother Hank Green Launches Science Channel as One of YouTube's Much-Publicized Original Programming Channels

SciShow Seeks to Educate and Fascinate by Showcasing the "Most Awesome Science Ever"

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jan 3, 2012) - SciShow ( officially launches today as one of YouTube's Original Programming Channels. SciShow will teach scientific concepts in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner, and will provide much more depth on subject matters than traditional television news programs. Noted YouTube personality Hank Green will be executive producer of the new educational channel.

SciShow will seek to increase the level of excitement about and understanding of science in the world at-large. SciShow will air four weekly episodes through 2012, delivered in short, three-minute segments, as well as longer ten-minute episodes, with up-to-the minute news and interviews on subjects ranging from particle physics to DNA. The first episode is about "non-newtonian fluids," and the second episode will focus on the Higgs Boson (tune in to find out what the "Higgs Boson" is) and includes interviews with the director general of the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

"The internet has already revolutionized entertainment, however I think we need bigger goals," said Green. "SciShow and other channels like it are working to evolve education by changing the way we teach to fit the needs of a new generation of learners and by using tools that are now at our disposal."

Hank Green is one of the most active and prolific leaders of a new generation of Web entrepreneurs and personalities. With more than a half-million subscribers, Green is the younger half of the Vlogbrothers (, chief trivia officer of TruthorFail (, founder and CEO of VidCon (, inventor of 2D glasses (, publisher of (, vice president of the Foundation to Decrease World Suck (, owner of the DFTBA Record label ( and a Billboard top ten musician.

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