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October 05, 2010 13:10 ET

VMTurbo Launches a Watchdog Tool to Detect, Troubleshoot, and Resolve Virtual Infrastructure Problems

The VMTurbo Watchdog Is a Free Tool for Virtualization Administrators to Detect, Analyze, Troubleshoot, and Resolve Virtual Infrastructure Problems Before They Impair Applications Performance

VALHALLA, NY--(Marketwire - October 5, 2010) -  VMTurbo, a virtualization management technology leader, announced today the general availability of a new product, VMTurbo Watchdog. 

VMTurbo Watchdog is a FREE tool to help virtualization administrators to detect, analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve virtual infrastructure problems before they escalate to impair application performance. 

Detecting and diagnosing Infrastructure problems often requires monitoring and analyzing a wide variety of obscure parameters. As a result, virtualization administrators typically discover virtual infrastructure problems when they have already begun to impair applications performance; they are then forced into a complex, reactive diagnostic process.

The VMTurbo Watchdog is a game changer. The Watchdog uses VMTurbo's patent-pending analytics to monitor, analyze, and detect problems, as they emerge, and alert administrators before the problems escalate. It then helps administrators simplify and expedite the troubleshooting and resolution of problems, minimizing the impact on end user applications.
With VMTurbo Watchdog, virtualization administrators have the peace-of-mind that their infrastructures are healthy and are delivering the required levels of service to applications while assuring their performance.

VMTurbo Watchdog and the concurrently released VMTurbo Planner join the previously released VMTurbo Monitor (free) and the VMTurbo Host Reporter to extend the VMTurbo Integrated Virtualization Management Suite. The entire Suite runs within a single virtual appliance using a common patent pending analytics platform and deploys in just minutes.

"VMTurbo Watchdog complements our VMTurbo Monitor to provide a best-in-class toolset for monitoring virtual infrastructure without the associated costs. Virtualization administrators can download these free tools and gain peace-of-mind that they can quickly and accurately detect and resolve problems as soon as they emerge" said Dr. Shmuel Kliger, co-founder, president and CEO of VMTurbo. "VMTurbo Watchdog is part of our long term strategy to provide an integrated suite of analytical tools that covers the key needs of managing virtualized IT. Our tools are built on a common core of unique analytical technologies to simplify the complexities of virtualization management. This core enables us to offer seamlessly integrated products and easily extend them with additional features and platform support."

VMTurbo Watchdog is available through VMTurbo web site. It is bundled with the free VMTurbo Monitor in a single virtual appliance, and is available immediately and free of charge with an unlimited use per license. Download the software at

About VMTurbo

VMTurbo simplifies the management of virtual infrastructure. The company's suite of integrated virtualization management tools is built on a common platform based on a core of patent pending analytics. These analytical tools empower users to instantly monitor, analyze, and resolve problems and inefficiencies of their virtual systems, and to plan their growth and change to optimize their utilization and performance. With VMTurbo tools, users improve the overall health, performance and efficiency of their virtual infrastructure and maximize their return on investment.

VMTurbo is headquartered in New York, with offices in California, Massachusetts, United Kingdom and Israel. The Company is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Highland Capital Partners. For more information visit:

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