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March 16, 2006 17:25 ET

VOCAL Technologies Unveils New Internet PBX ATA (iPBX) and PBXtender to Extend VoIP Service in Homes, Offices at VON Show

New Hardware Allows VoIP Freedom of Movement and Building-Wide Use

SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 16, 2006 -- VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., has announced today it will showcase the new iPBX (3x2 inches) and PBXtender (1x2 inches) solutions for home and office VoIP telephony service at Spring VON, San Jose, California, 14-17 March 2006, at Booth #144. The small, inexpensive devices enable VoIP users to power every telephone in their home or office with VoIP service, without the need for WiFi networks or additional wiring.

VOCAL's new iPBX Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) and PBXtender help solve a longstanding dilemma regarding VoIP service. In the past, VoIP users were forced to use traditional Analog ATAs to convert standard telephone audio into IP-based voice traffic. These ATAs had to be connected to a telephone and placed near the user's Internet connection in order to operate. Unfortunately, VoIP users were then tethered to the phone connected to the traditional ATA, and could not use VoIP service from other telephones in their home or office.

A few industrious users discovered that, by disconnecting their normal telephone service and connecting the traditional ATA to a phone jack, they were able to channel VoIP service to every phone jack in their home or office that was connected to that telephone line. However, doing so violated FCC power regulations, and required some technical know-how.

In yet another attempt to extend VoIP service throughout a residence or office, some users turned to Wi-Fi compatible ATAs-which are frequently quite expensive. But, after purchasing these ATAs, users were forced to obtain a (often expensive as well) WiFi IP-telephone in order to make and receive calls with their new Wi-Fi compatible ATAs. Because of the costs associated with extending VoIP service throughout their home or office, users oftentimes "make do" with tethered VoIP service or standard telephony service.

But VOCAL Technologies' new iPBX ATA extends VoIP service to additional phone lines simply by connecting to a solitary phone jack. Using VOCAL's PBXtenders, which are connected to additional phone outlets in the home or office, the iPBX ATA transfers VoIP service to other phone lines in a home or office, and does so within FCC power regulations, without disrupting existing DSL or telephone service.

"Our iPBX ATA and PBXtenders offer the benefits of VoIP technology to users who, either because they refused to be tied to a single phone or did not want to pay exorbitant amounts to facilitate VoIP service, were skeptical about switching from traditional telephone service," said John Blume, CEO of VOCAL Technologies. "Now, residential and professional users can extend VoIP service throughout their home or office effortlessly, and with minimal investment."

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