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June 10, 2008 10:07 ET

Vocalocity Helps Small Companies Slash Monthly Phone Bills to Cope With Difficult Economic Times

Internet Phone Service Cuts Communication Costs by Up to 80 Percent

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - Economic uncertainty dominates conversations and headlines as gasoline costs skyrocket, housing foreclosures increase monthly and the dollar no longer stretches as far as it did last year at the grocery store. However, Vocalocity continues to provide businesses, which operate offices with less than 20 people, a cost-effective way to address their critical communication needs.

Unlike the costly traditional phone services which many companies still rely upon to conduct business, Vocalocity's Internet phone solution (hosted VoIP solution) instantly allows these entities to slice their monthly phone bill by as much as 80 percent. And while seeking ways to operate more efficiently often means having to do more with less, this is anything but the case for companies which turn to Vocalocity.

Small businesses who use Internet phone service from Vocalocity get everything and more than what they previously had including features such as auto-attendant, voicemail to e-mail, follow me roaming, music on hold, simultaneous ring, conference calling and call queuing. Vocalocity's fixed rate service also means there are never any surprises when the phone bill arrives or as phone usage fluctuates through times of increased or seasonal call volume.

Businesses which turn to Vocalocity don't have to worry about installing expensive or complex equipment often associated with such a sophisticated offering. Companies only need to purchase full-feature Internet phones -- for around $150 -- which are literally ready to use once they are plugged in and connected to the Internet. The initial investment for comparable systems may cost three times as much and require businesses to install complex equipment which is often expensive to maintain.

Internet phone service also allows businesses to cut costs in other ways in the face of today's challenging economy. Through Vocalocity's service, companies can easily address rising operating costs by allowing employees to work from home. There's no longer a need, for instance, to lease expensive office space to house a call center to give a company a distinctive corporate office. Instead, employees with an Internet connection may easily work from their residence while the company still appears to function from a single location and phone number through a unified communication system which provides a professional image and makes it easy for customers to reach their desired parties.

"The traditional office and the conventional phone system are things of the past, particularly in today's economic climate where financial wiggle room is shrinking dramatically," said Phil Hill, President, Vocalocity. "With an Internet phone solution from Vocalocity, we make it possible for small businesses to easily cut the cost of a critical component -- a voice communication system. At the same time, these companies can also improve employee satisfaction, as workers no longer have to contend with ever-rising commuting expenses. Additionally, employers are no longer constrained by geographic location when seeking qualified job applicants. Access to less expensive labor outside of large cities is not an issue as we simplify the communication and unification of a dispersed staff."

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Vocalocity, founded in 2003, is the leading provider of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communication services to micro enterprises -- companies with fewer than 20 employees. Vocalocity's core offering, VocalocityPBX, is a hosted service providing customers with the quality and reliability of traditional PBX phone systems, with more features, flexibility and cost savings. For more information about Vocalocity, please visit or call 678.528.9000.

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