August 31, 2010 09:02 ET

Voice Should Be As Versatile As Email, Available On Any Device

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Aug. 31, 2010) - In order to stay connected businesses should choose a voice service that is as versatile as email, available on any device, argues Natterbox, a pioneer of cost effective telecommunication solutions.

Helping to lead the evolution of the telecoms industry, Natterbox aims to make life easier for businesses, providing incredibly versatile telephone systems that allow users to be reached anywhere, on any device. In the same way that people can check their email inbox from a computer or phone anywhere in the world, Natterbox's hosted voice system permits users to receive telephone calls in the same way.

When trying to reach an individual, the caller no longer has to try one number after another to locate them. With Natterbox, multiple devices can ring at the same time or the service routes the call to any specified place, whether that is to the home, office, mobile, a computer station or a hotel room, within a certain number of rings. Organisations can access mobile voicemail or transfer any telephone call in the same way, to a single user or to multiple devices at once, anywhere in the world.

Neil Hammerton, CEO of Natterbox, said: "Businesses rely too heavily on email for being the only way they can stay in constant contact. However with Natterbox's hosted PBX, those people who are overseas, out of the office, or moving between a number of locations can still be instantly contactable. Particularly beneficial for business executives who are always on the move, users can receive calls on their office, mobile or home number without the caller having to dial one number after another. In addition to this the hosted voice platform from Natterbox requires no hardware or software installation."

Based in the southeast of England, Natterbox ensures the resilience of its services by providing 24-hour-a-day monitoring by expert engineers. With many additional features available from the Natterbox service such as call recording, clients are able to deal with telecoms in a hassle free manner.

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