SOURCE: Downplay, Inc. d/b/a UAngel America

Downplay, Inc. d/b/a UAngel America

March 23, 2011 10:00 ET

Voice2Korea™ Debuts on AT&T and T-Mobile USA as the First Pay-As-You-Go International Calling Service

Voice2Korea Opens New Era in the United States-to-South Korea International Calling at Low Rates Through U.S. Major Cellular Networks -- AT&T and T-Mobile USA

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 23, 2011) -  Downplay, Inc. doing business as UAngel America in Costa Mesa, California, a leading provider of mobile value-added services and applications for wireless carriers and their subscribers, today announced the launch of Voice2Korea™, its first international calling service available for most SMS-enabled cellular phones. Voice2Korea™ is an innovative international calling service for Korean American mobile phone users in the United States to save on calls using a far more convenient method from purchase to making calls to Korea than calling cards or internet telephone service applications (commonly known as VoIP apps). Voice2Korea is a PAY-AS-YOU-GO service that every AT&T and T-Mobile USA customer, who has an SMS-enabled cellular phone, is able to opt-in by sending a text message to the short code 567567("korkor" on the phone keypad).

For the first time in the United States, Voice2Korea™ as an international calling service chose Premium SMS (aka short code based mobile billing) to enable customers to bill the international calls to their cellular phone bill, as they do for other mobile contents, changing the landscape in the consumption of international call service. Before the introduction of Voice2Korea, people had to either purchase calling cards, which generally depreciate in the minute balance within 90 days after activation, issued by small-scale local business entities or subscribe to a VoIP service on an annual contract with the obligation to pay monthly even without any use, in exchange for contingent low-rate international calling service. Although some use VoIP applications on smartphones as an alternative option in saving on international calls, such broadband-dependent applications fall short of the common notion of a telephone service ensuring anytime connectivity because they cannot serve the customers where either Wi-Fi hotspots or strong 3G data signals are unavailable.

With Voice2Korea™ you don't have to purchase calling cards either at the store paying in cash or online paying by credit card for low-rate international call minutes. You can buy as few or as many low rate international call minutes as you need by sending an SMS text massage using a keyword; "V299", "V599" or "V999" to the short code 567567 and pay through your mobile phone bill for the minutes you selected, either $2.99, $5.99 or $9.99 or deducted as much from your prepaid account if you use a prepaid cellular phone. Once you text the keyword to 567567, you will receive an access number on your phone via text which enables making calls to Korea. Voice2Korea enables you to make calls to Korea without any wireless broadband network support anywhere you have the AT&T network or T-Mobile network cellular signal. You can even share the purchased Voice2Korea minutes with your family and friends by sending a text -- "ADD" followed by a Space and the 10 digit phone number you wish to add; home phone or other cell phone, we recommend that no more than 10 "ADD" numbers be used.

Now more than ever, because of the Visa waiver program between the countries that went into effect in 2010 and the impending US-KOREA FTA, an increase in Korean travelers and businesses is expected to come to the United States increasing the demand for a convenient service and low minute rate calling to Korea. Voice2Korea™ will give Korean Americans and Koreans traveling in the United States exceptional per-minute rates in calling to South Korea. 

"From our nation-wide survey on the consumption of U.S.-Korea International Telecommunication service, nearly 97% of participants were found to make calls to Korea twice a week or more. This implies that the international call service between the United States and Korea is an essential service for Korean Americans as well as the Koreans temporarily staying in the States for study or work. We felt a responsibility, as a Korean investment beneficiary, to help them connect to their family and friends or their business headquarters in Korea in a more convenient and inexpensive way," said SeungChul (Steve) Won, President of Downplay, Inc. d/b/a UAngel America, privately held by the Korean public company, UANGEL Corp. (KSE: 072130). "Typically, a $20 calling card is purchased at a store using cash or online using a credit card risking unauthorized charges or even identity theft. Voice2Korea enables callers to spend only what they need in calling to Korea and gives customers the best possible calling experience from a trusted provider. Callers no longer have to put up with quasi-deceptive charges either, which are generally found on calling cards and online calling card service, such as weekly or biweekly account management fees, connection fees, 3 minute rounding or worse in calculating the minute use."

Voice2Korea™ outperforms other existing services on easy-of-use, value and convenience. (See more at

  • Not a subscription service that you have to pay monthly charges regardless of your actual use. 
  • Virtually no expiration of minutes. The purchased minutes are valid for use for 180 days from your last call.
  • Good for the occasional callers. Receive 80 minutes for only $2.99, no hidden fees.
  • No lost or unusable "few" minutes left over like on a calling card. You can add more minutes to your existing minutes on your Voice2Korea account at any time by sending a text keyword to 567567. 
  • You can make calls to Korea as you please anytime from anywhere in the United States without Wi-Fi or 3G data network support.
  • You don't have to own a pricey smartphone or sweat in downloading an application on the smartphone to use Voice2Korea. Voice2Korea supports virtually all SMS-enabled cellular phones.
  • Voice2Kores self-service text features help you stay in control on your account. By texting the keyword to 567567 such as "BAL", "$BAL", you will be able to check your minute balance, the dollar balance or "ADD" followed by a phone number for sharing the purchased minutes.
  • No more trips to the store to buy calling cards. No worries over losing a card.
  • You don't have to provide private information and credit card numbers online to purchase online calling cards or VoIP services provided by unknown entities. No risk of unauthorized charges.
  • Don't have to install a modem or router in your home for VoIP telephone service to get inexpensive rate calls to Korea.
  • Unparalleled voice quality in calls bound to landline or mobile phone lines in Korea via UANGEL's cutting edge termination network connected to Korean carriers.

In order to serve as many Korean Americans as possible, Downplay, Inc., has chosen AT&T, the U.S. largest wireless carrier with more than 95.5 million subscribers and T-Mobile USA, the preferred carrier by frugal Korean Americans as the Voice2Korea launching partners. "We will extend Voice2Korea™ to the un-served Korean American customers, subscribing to other U.S. carriers including Verizon Wireless and Sprint, within this year," said Steve Won, President of Downplay, Inc.

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