American Technologies, Inc.

American Technologies, Inc.

October 30, 2006 00:08 ET

Voice2Page Announces the Official Worldwide "Insider" Kick-Off Event Hosted by American Technologies, Inc.-January, 2007

LAS VEGAS, NV--(CCNMatthews - October 29, 2006) - Gary A. Shawkey, one of the top five Internet marketing experts in the world and President of American Technologies, Inc. along with Michael A. Knox, the creator of the original John Madden football video games and Co-Founder of V2P Communications, Inc. kicks off Voice2Page™, the YouTube of Internet audio!

Event Website:

Learn The Latest Proven Profit Systems, Copy These Mega-Cash-Machines and Paste Them Right Into Your Own Business for a Guaranteed Profit Explosion!

You will be rubbing shoulders, learning, eating, drinking, dancing and playing with Gary Shawkey and Michael Knox in a totally relaxed and fun atmosphere. Just 5 minutes with Gary and Mike will in no doubt radically change your life.

The information they freely give is worth its weight in gold. They can take the most complex business ever created and lay it out for you in such simple language; you will be left wondering why you haven't succeeded before.

Gary and Mike both teach based on 5 important criteria...

1) They're both recognized experts in their respective fields
2) They're both successful and have proven track records
3) They're both highly sought-after for their knowledge and expertise
4) They're both known to dramatically transform people's lives
5) They're both approachable, candid and willing to share their inside
secrets and disclose some of their most coveted tips

Unlike many other events, Gary and Mike are not just speakers who run businesses in their minds and speak for a living. They are million-dollar marketers, successful business owners and highly sought-after experts who continue to run and grow real businesses, day in and day out.

NO Hype... NO Bull... NO wannabes...

The Right Experience

A special, secret marketing campaign will be shared along with positive, on demand, bottom line, live, real results showing how to promote our unique marketing system to get tons of PR, visitors, and emails that will put cash in your pocket. Bottom line... IMMEDIATE RESULTS!

Work less, outsource more and build an Internet empire around any current website you currently own or plan to start.

Iron Clad Guarantee... Gary and Mike will teach you a lightning fast methodology that will make it easy to implement everything you learn at the event the very first day you get back home. As a matter of fact, Gary and Mike will not even let you leave Las Vegas unless you are absolutely positive you know exactly what to do and what needs to be done!

Get involved and achieve a new level of personal satisfaction. Empower yourself with the tools to take immediate and massive action by attending. Experience firsthand the energy and strategies required for becoming accountable for your personal growth and actions.

What Will You Experience?

Transforming Limitation into Power

Those who create an extraordinary life and achieve their highest vision share one fundamental power: the capacity to harness their emotion of fear and feelings of being overwhelmed and limited and turn them into a drive for focused, clear and positive action. You will create the unstoppable momentum that produces massive results.

Clarity is power. Leaders have it; followers are constantly looking for it. No matter where you're starting from, you'll leave with a clear understanding of what it is you truly want most in your life -- in your career, your business and your finances. You'll discover and learn how to tap into your greatest passions. You'll make fundamental decisions, build a plan and begin to act upon it while creating strategies for sustained momentum.

What You Will Walk Away with by Attending this Special Event

By attending this special event, you will have the exclusive opportunity for those committed to living life at a level few ever attain.

The elite members who attend enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to network with Gary Shawkey and Michael Knox in some of the most spectacular destinations on earth. Attendees build a camaraderie born of incomparable luxury, great expectations and exquisite adventure.

Attendees also receive the highest level of personalized coaching available. Above all, by attending the kick-off event in Las Vegas, it will provide an opportunity to be involved at a level that few have the means to EVER achieve.

Get ready to have your future inspired as you never dreamed possible. Gary and Mike will teach you the skills needed to attain and achieve Super Success! The skills you learn here will provide you with the foundation of your success!


-Learn to overcome any Obstacle
-Explode your Income, overnight
-Develop your Full Potential
-Take charge of your Time & Life
-Eliminate Stress & have more Fun
-Expand your Self-Confidence
-Rekindle your Determination
-Enrich your Attitude
-Learn to be a Millionaire Sales Pro
-Discover Self-Motivation
-Obtain Prosperity Consciousness
-Define a Plan to achieve your Goals
-Blow away your Competition
-Master Positive Persuasion

...We will be accomplishing what AOL started in 1985.
...We will be accomplishing what YAHOO started in 1994.
...We will be accomplishing what GOOGLE started in 1981.
...We will be accomplishing what CRAIGSLIST started in 1999.
...We will be accomplishing what MYSPACE started in 2003.

What if you could have been involved from day one in one or more of the above companies? Would you have done that? If you could go back in time would you actually do it and see the vision?



Imagine this...

You stand barefoot at the edge of a burning bed of glowing coals. The coals burn fiercely and the observers can barely stand the oppressive heat of the 1,100 to 1,800 degree fire before them. They know aluminum melts at 1,100 degrees and the tension within the circle of participants and supporters is palpable. With intensity born of fear and determination of success, you focus your attention on the other side of the fire and quickly step 14 feet across the red-hot coals unscathed. Previously, you hadn't believed it possible; now you feel immediately transformed and your focus in life is changed forever.

What does this incredible addition to the scheduled event have to do with what we are doing? Once you walk the fire unscathed, you will realize that every other challenge you face in either your business or your life, now and in the future, is insignificant and can be met with success! You will forever act on and own the belief...

"A Person's Only Limitations Are Those That Are In His Or Her Own Mind!"

Develop Absolute Certainty for Instant Success... A Plan and the Tools for Your Dreams...

Have an Inspired Future, Learn Assertive Action... Unstoppable Courage... Massive Achievement...

Gary Shawkey is a man of vision with both feet firmly planted on the ground -- that is, when he isn't leading a group of corporate executives on a ballooning trip, climbing expedition, bungee jump or skydiving exhibition jump!

Having overcome personal tragedies and loss, Gary can identify with the frustrations and debilitating despair that can impede an individual's success. Although he was very successful in the marketing industry for over 24 years, Gary wasn't satisfied with established marketing methods and the letdowns of others involved.

After extensive research, Gary has developed a method by which anyone can obtain immediate and life changing positive results in any field by replacing weaknesses with an entirely different set of life management skills.

Gary knows the meaning of helping other people and what it takes to build a solid team of individuals. Gary has the vision to give people the tools, motivation, strategy and information they need to increase productivity.

In a marriage of form and function, Shawkey employs his powerful motivational skills and ebullient personality to reach the masses and create a positive change for instant success.

People from all walks of life turn their attention to Gary Shawkey. Gary will personally train and motivate any person how to replace negative thoughts with positive self talk that will carry into all aspects of their lives.

This one event is absolutely incredible!

Halfway through the Las Vegas event, the attendees will build a huge bonfire. One full cord of wood is stacked into a pile five feet wide by five feet high. The pile is then doused with lighter fluid and lit.

Within a few moments the fire is leaping 15 feet into the sky.

Upon returning to the meeting room the seminar continues. Topics covered in the workshop will include dealing with fear, growing beyond self-imposed limitations and how to create the power of mind and intention to take your own personal life and career to the absolute extreme.

After about two and a half hours, the fire is burned down to pile of glowing, red-hot coals. At that time, the group will gather around, the coals are raked out into a pathway 12 feet long and six feet wide. Often the heat from the coals is enough to singe the hair from the fingers of the person wielding the rake even though the handle is six feet long.

When the bed is fully prepared, the tension and fear within the group is tangible. Gary Shawkey will move to the head of the bed of fire and stride quickly across the coals. Just seeing someone walk the coals is a powerful transformative experience. A person's sense of the wonderful possibilities inherent in living on this earth expands beyond its current limitations.

Gary will then give each member a chance to open his or her own fears, listen to his or her own inner guidance and, if appropriate, move beyond the limitations of fear and cross the fire themselves.

The Event After the Event

Zowie Bowie, the hottest nightclub act in the country, is set to take Las Vegas, Voice2Page and American Technologies, Inc. by storm. The glitzy, glamorous duo and their high voltage band will set the Premier Voice2Page "Insider" Kick-off Event on fire with their scintillating, sexy sound.

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American Technologies, Inc. is a Las Vegas, Nevada corporation and a full-service marketing firm with over 24 years of experience in traditional marketing including 14 years on the Internet. We define business, provide the expert advice to promote your business, increase advertising ROI, brand your business, and increase brand awareness for a "full circle" marketing approach. Our goal is to create a positive awareness of your company -- whether it is locally, regionally or in the worldwide marketplace. We work to enhance profitability, improve your image, grow your customer base, and maximize sales through effective marketing strategies. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies with global markets, smaller local businesses, as well as home-based businesses. We can show you how to maximize your marketing dollars and assist you in creating an identity that will give your business a competitive edge and open doors to greater opportunities.

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V2P Communications, Inc. is a Las Vegas, Nevada-based corporation. V2P Communications, Inc. is an Internet web-based company that was established for the capturing of opportunities arising from new Internet audio technology, emerging online markets and ever-changing trends of Internet users.

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