American Technologies, Inc.

American Technologies, Inc.

October 26, 2006 20:29 ET

"Voice2Page the YouTube of Internet Audio"-Gary A. Shawkey, American Technologies, Inc. Teams Up with Michael A. Knox, V2P Communications, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, NV--(CCNMatthews - October 26, 2006) - Gary A. Shawkey, one of the top five Internet marketing experts in the world and President of American Technologies, Inc. has teamed up with Michael A. Knox, the creator of the original John Madden football videogames and Co-Founder of V2P Communications, Inc. to form a new strategic business alliance that serves retail and Internet businesses desiring an increased online exposure and boosted sales gains over the Internet World Wide Web.

By the end of October, we will be able to show that we have played 200 million Internet voice messages and have 350,000 official members. Voice2Page™ is growing at an alarming rate. We are watching the rapid growth and excitement that surrounds the Record-by-Phone Internet Audio phenomena, an Internet Audio explosion. Bottom line, we will no doubt be the YouTube of Internet audio!

Michael and Gary reveal how visitors interact with your personal or business website through a flexible architecture. These innovative features attract the factors that uniquely affect your structure and success. Simply called Voice2Page™, this unique innovative platform equips you with the insight needed to optimize your marketing efforts and drive your company's online success.

-- Free Professional V2PEmail Address
-- Conference Calls
-- Live Training Webinars
-- Ad Sales
-- Private Label Sales
-- Major Accounts Certification Training
-- Voice2PageMembers Website
-- MyVoice2PageResume Website
-- 24/7 Support Desk

Who Is Michael A. Knox?

Michael Knox, an industry veteran, began designing and developing computer software while a Data Systems Technician for the US Navy, during which he became a highly skilled computer programmer and engineer. While working with some of the best-known game designers, developers and publishers he programmed and designed one of the industry's first interactive movies, "Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon."

In 1989, Mr. Knox founded Park Place Productions with $3,000 cash and a credit card. Through hard work and dedication, Park Place Productions became recognized as one of North America's largest independent software design and development software houses. Over the past five years the company has led the industry by developing sports titles, entertainment, educational and simulation products for many of the leading software publishing houses such as Nintendo, SEGA, Virgin, Electronic Arts, Acclaim, Compton's New Media -- to name a few.

Through his company, Mr. Knox was responsible for marketing the company and the production of many major software titles. Monday Night Football, their first product, sold over 100,000 units. This was followed by the original John Madden Football (the most successful sports game of all time) and NHL Hockey for the SEGA and Super Nintendo video game machines.

His company, Park Place Productions developed over 70 software titles including: Muhammad Ali Boxing, The Human Calculator, Batman Returns, Body Illustrated, Gameboy--Chessmaster and Beat the House, the best selling casino game for the past two years.

In 1993, Michael Knox was the recipient of INC. Magazine's prestigious "Entrepreneur of the Year" award for the software industry category for the Greater San Diego County.

Knox anticipated the software industry's demand for quality software testing. He started and sold the "Bug Busters Software Testing Company," which offers computer software publishers configuration setup testing, pre-manufacturing virus detection, user focus group evaluations and accurate software testing. Bug Busters has gone on to do testing for software industry giants, like Microsoft.

In addition, Mr. Knox worked with local colleges and universities in order to empower them with new software industry curriculum. Through his dedicated efforts, SDSU (San Diego State University) has retained industry executive producers to teach and modify courseware to fit the entertainment and educational software development industry needs and demands.

Mr. Knox has regularly addressed the community through various local television presentations, radio talk shows, industry summit meetings, MIT forums and various, graduation college and university class commencement ceremony speeches.

In addition to running Park Place Productions and assisting local instructional institutes, Mr. Knox designed and co-founded MERGE (Multimedia Education & Retraining for Gainful Employment). MERGE is a state funded, multi-media training center, which offers its students real "hands-on" software industry development experience. MERGE was originally established in order to retrain displaced defense workers, unemployed and the socially disadvantaged. This innovative program is bringing local software companies and multimedia education together incubating needed industry talent and creating new computer related jobs and business opportunities in urban & metropolitan areas of San Diego, California. The MERGE Computer Training Center currently has an enrollment of 175 active students.

Mr. Knox Invested in IRI Entertainment, a Nevada Corporation, where he assisted company executives by developing the strategic planning, distribution and design of Computer Dating Kiosks located within respective nightlife locations throughout the city of Las Vegas.

Mr. Knox was appointed as the President of OmniNet, a publicly trading, global stand-alone computer kiosks Marketing and Distribution Company, located In La Jolla, California. At OmniNet, Mr. Knox developed the company's long-term strategic focus, pooling resources, outlining the direction of the company and establishing strategic corporate partners.

Mr. Knox also was the Executive Producer of "The Personal Show," a San Diego-based COX cable television show (584,000 homes), which showcases local people of the community, their Interests and hobbies.

In addition, Michael composes original music and has created two music CD titles, "Fantasy World"c (Contemporary Jazz) and "Borrowed Time"c (R & B). The "Borrowed Time" CD showcases the "O' Bin"c (Osama bin Laden Song) that's currently being played on Clear Channel Radio Stations across the country.


Mr. Knox has had industry exposure in all areas of software marketing and creation. Knox has participated in every process of the standard software design and development cycle. As the Digital Entertainment Development Industry continues to mature and evolve; Knox quickly adapts by learning the new software development techniques. As an ultra-creative person, Knox has implemented many of his ideas and concepts in the form of proprietary software development tools, which have been responsible for saving companies time and money.

Low-Level Programming Languages:

80486, 80386, 80286, 8080-86 series
6500 series, 68000 series
6809 & Z80
Machine & Assembly Languages

High-Level Programming Languages:

C, C++, HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script, PDP, Basic, Quick Basic, Visual Basic &
Turbo Pascal

Operating Systems:

Windows '95, Windows 98, DOS
Internet & America Online

Software Tools:

Various Editors, Assemblers, Compilers and Debuggers
(Cross-Assemblers & Cross development systems)
Paint & Animation Programs (Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Animation)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere 6.0
ACiD music development & sound editing tools
Macromedia Director
Debabelizer - Graphics Conversion Utility Software
DESKSCAN II and other Various Scanning Software
Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint
3D Studio, Draft & Print, AutoCAD, Alias & Wavefront (SGI software)

Special Hardware:

IBMPC & Macintosh user
HPGL Protocol- "Hewlett Plotters"
EPSON, HP & IBM Laser Printer & Printer Drivers
Eagle Graphic Accelerator Card
Sound Blaster, MIDI formats & .WAV files
US Robotics and other high-speed modem boards
Cross Development Systems
And so much more...


Special Development Procedures:

Video Digitizing & Capture, Stop-Frame Animation, Motion Capture, Green-room Altamat processing, Roto-scoping. 3-D Modeling, Digital Art & Video enhancements, Rendering /w Texture Mapping, Music Development & Composition, Digitizing & Sound F/X Sampling, Computerized Digital Video Editing, Software Debugging, Configuration Testing, Software Evaluation, and Focus Groups.

Management, Design & Development:

Team Management, Product Planning, Writing Plans and Proposals, Screening and Qualifying Potential Employees, Establishing Development Teams, Coordinating Artist & Designers, Project Management, Leading Design Teams, Technical Design Review, Product Review, Setting up and Coordinating Industry Tradeshows and Off-site Sales Demonstrations, Quarterly Salary & Performance Reviews, Establishing Goals & Objectives, Evaluating Results and other General Management situations, which can occur in a work center, with Internal employees, sub-contractors and creative & intellectual people.

Sales & Marketing Background:

Responsible for allocations of (MDF) Marketing Development Funds Creation and Design of Box Art and Sale-Sheets (4 - Color Separation), Tradeshow Coordination, Print AD Development and Creation, AD Placements, End-Cap Placements, Managing Co-Op Advertising Budgets, Radio Commercials, Television Commercials and Program Scheduling. Member of a License Acquisition Team for Product Endorsement, Spiffing Sales People, Marketing Research and Product Evaluation.

Fiscal Responsibilities:

Establishing Divisional & Departmental Budgets, Planning Corporate Reductions in Force, Long/MID/Short-term Financial Planning, Sales Projections and Forecasting, Establishing Departmental Controls, Expenses and Waste Management Controls.


John Madden Football - SEGA - Electronic Arts
John Madden Football - SNES - Electronic Arts
John Madden Football '92 - SEGA - Electronic Arts
John Madden Football '92 - SNES - Electronic Arts
John Madden Football '93 - SEGA - Electronic Arts
NFL Video Pro Football - IBMPC - Spirit of Discovery
NFL Football - SNES - Konami
NFL's Greatest Challenge - SEGA CD - Sega of America
Monday Night Football - IBM - Data East
Monday Night Football - C-64 - Data East
Monday Night Football - AMIGA - Data East
TV Sports Football - IBM - Cinemaware
NHL Hockey - SEGA - Electronic Arts
NHL Hockey - SNES - Electronic Arts
Joe Montana Football - SEGA - Sega of America
Magic Johnson Basketball - SNES - Virgin Games
D. Vital "Awesome baby" Basketball - SEGA - Tengen
David Robinson Basketball - IBM - Sega of America
Dream Team 3 on 3 Challenge - IBM - Data East
Dream Team 3 on 3 Challenge - C-64 - Data East
Roundball - Nintendo - Data East
GBA 2 on 2 Basketball - C-64 - GameStar/Activision
World Class Soccer - SEGA - Acclaim
World Class Soccer - SNES - Acclaim
Muhammad Ali Boxing - SEGA - Virgin
Muhammad Ali Boxing - SNES - Virgin
ESPN Baseball Tonight - SEGA - Acclaim
ESPN Baseball Tonight - SNES - Acclaim
BO Jackson Baseball - IBMPC - Data East
Beat the House - IBMPC - Interplay
Beat the House - Mac - Interplay
Beat the House - Windows 3.1 - Interplay
Beat the House - Windows 95 - Interplay
Beat the House II Windows 98 - Interplay
Dvorak on Typing - IBMPC - Interplay
Dvorak on Typing - Mac - Interplay
Typing for Today - IBM PC - Interpaly
Dvorak on Typing (visually impaired) - IBMPC - Interplay
Body Illustrated - IBMPC - Spirit of Discovery
Human Calculator - IBMPC - Comptons New Media
Facts in Action - IBMPC - Spirit of Discovery
Berenstain Bears Counting - IMBPC - Comptons New Media
Draft 'n' Print (CAD) - IBMPC - Spirit of Discovery
Chessmaster - Gameboy - Software Toolworks
Jeopardy - Windows 3.1 - Gametek
Wheel of Fortune - Windows 3.1 - GameTek
Batman Returns - IBM - Konami
Sinbad and the throne of the Falcon - C-64 - Cinemaware
Gunsmoke - C-64 - Capcom
SideArms (Arcade) - C-64 - Capcom
Battle Bound Project - C-64 - Compumania
Hook Dodger - C-64 - Compumania
Save the Droids - C-64 - Compumania
The Ducks are Coming - C-64 - Compumania
Mine Sweepers - C-64 - Compumania
Kawasaki Caribbean Challenge - SNES - Gametek
Basic Programmer's Toolkit - C-64 - EPYX
TV Text - TRS-80 - Radio Shack

Who Is Gary A. Shawkey?

Gary Shawkey has been in business for himself since 1982. After high school, he enrolled in several college courses but dropped out before the end of the first semester. There was a leading nutritional company that marketed herbal products that he became involved with.

After getting literally thousands of people involved and generating a massive distributor network, Gary finally thought this would be the opportunity he had always been looking for. Gary was becoming living proof that the product really worked. Gary's efforts with this company involved training, traveling and teaching other people how to be successful -- which some of them still are today.

Then, tragedy struck. As a happily married, financially successful father, Gary's wife and partner, Teresa, became ill with kidney failure from Diabetes and was undergoing dialysis. As Gary began to have less time to spend with the company, his sales figures dropped, financially rewarding checks were decreasing, he was sinking deep into depression and was no longer in a star spotlight with the company.

It was 1992, ten full years after Gary graduated from High School, he had lost his desire to improve, his successful center of influence was gone along with many hard years of work and dedication. And then, after seven years of a successful marriage, Gary's wife Teresa, died of this dreaded disease.

There he was, suffering from his loss, looking at his daughter Dawn, a four-year-old who depended on him for everything; Gary knew that he had no life to offer her.

Gary was quickly slipping into bankruptcy suffering from a tragic mental state with a hopeless, suicidal view of the future. After selling everything he had and relocating from Georgia to Ohio, Gary legally turned his daughter over to his Aunt Gloria, who he knew could take better care of her.

In the early part of 1994, Gary met a wonderful person named Stephanie. He immediately fell in love with her and her two children Heather and Jacob. Stephanie was not only willing to work with Gary, more importantly, she accepted his daughter. Her support and love enabled them to marry, and Gary and Stephanie immediately brought Dawn back into a stable, loving home and family life.

Gary wanted to get serious again in life, knowing his new responsibilities as a husband and father, and went back to promoting marketing companies, but wasn't happy with himself. Underneath, there was something that was digging at his conscience. Gary was successful at loading people up with products that he knew they couldn't sell, and false hopes of dreams they would never realize. What Gary found out about the different marketing companies and making money plans out there is that it's too difficult for the average person to succeed!

After Gary's wife forced him to order the Don Lapre "Making Money Package," the ideas and format Gary read from the package made something in his mind click! Gary decided to change all of his ways and give people an easier way to start a home based business, even people with absolutely no money at all. Gary worked with Don Lapre on the hit TV show "Making Money" helping generate 75 million dollars in just under five year's time!

In January of 1996, after extensive research, Gary opened up his own marketing company. He spent the first eight months working with other products and marketing plans which proved to be unsuccessful. Gary then formulated his own product line, with his own marketing plan that was so simple, anybody could be successful.

Now, after spending 24 long years with other marketing companies, Gary Shawkey is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world! In 1997 he was honored to be inducted in the "International Who's Who of Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs." Gary studies and mentors with many successful individuals including Jim Rohn, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Les Brown, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Anthony Robbins.

More importantly, Gary knows the meaning of helping other people and what it takes to make a solid program work. Gary has the vision to give people the tools, strategy and information they need to make money. Today, thousands of people are involved in Gary's unique opportunities. These efforts and marketing strategies have brought him back to a financial success. The financial rewards people achieve are amazing!

Thousands of people are changing their lives. Gary has recently been quoted saying: "All you need is to have a vision and follow my Making Money Plan!" This is my personal reward for success! I want people to know that I am available to help them at any time. I've been there. I've changed my life, and I want to help people change their lives too!


1997 - Honored and inducted in the "International Who's Who of Business Professionals & Entrepreneurs."

2000 - If you're planning to follow in the footsteps of Gary Shawkey, you'd better be tough. Shawkey shattered the world record for firewalking at the Florida State Fair in Orlando, Florida. It was filmed by Guinness and was aired on the "Guinness World Record" TV show. The Guinness people were shocked to find that the fire used by Shawkey was hotter than their gauge could measure -- and it went up to 2,000 degrees! Gary walked 167 feet, more than 100 feet farther than the previous record.

2003 - Self Published, "If I Can... Anybody Can...". Discover the incredible story of one man's struggle to succeed and what it takes to turn personal dreams into reality. This is the story of acclaimed motivational speaker, Internet marketing guru and 3-time Guinness Book World Record Holder, Gary Shawkey. His life story, as told in his own words with P.J. Russell, is a heart-wrenching, in-depth look at his trials and tribulations and how he ultimately achieved success by overcoming them. Gary Shawkey has helped thousands of people conquer their fears, master the art of making the right choices in life, and create successful businesses. Having overcome personal tragedy and loss, Mr. Shawkey has been inducted into the "Who's Who of Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs." Get to know the "real" Gary Shawkey... you may even discover some parallels to your own life. Crackling, page-turning tension throughout makes it impossible to put this one down!

2003 - A&E TV, "You Can Do It" followed Gary on the "biggest day of his life." First he must coach a 14-year-old girl through her first firewalk, and then he must beat an empowerment challenge for himself -- to break his own Guinness World Record in firewalking by walking 200 feet of burning coals at over 2000 degrees. You can cook up a meal of eggs and bacon at 300 degrees.

2005 - Gary took his world renowned techniques and smashed the Excel Communications record by achieving the title of Executive Senior Director, the company's top position in just under 60 days. The average from joining at the lowest level and making it to the top level was 4 1/2 years.


B.L.A.S.S.T. 2003 was a historically unprecedented motivational training event featuring nine world-renowned speakers and the Internationally acclaimed Walk on Fire, where seminar participants walk barefoot for 15 feet over 1800 degree burning coals.

B.L.A.S.S.T. or Building Leadership and Super Success Training 2003 was held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, in Santa Clara, CA with live webcast coverage.

The B.L.A.S.S.T. program featured legendary business philosopher Jim Rohn who took the stage with spiritual success mentor and author Dr. Wayne Dyer, motivational phenomenon Les Brown, and other notable figures including
business trainer Bob Burg and Canadian expedition leader John Amatt, of the famed first Canadian conquest of Mt. Everest.

Hosting the event was Mr. Gary Shawkey, the three-time Guinness Book World Record holder and Internet Marketing Guru. Joining his crusade was internationally syndicated radio talk-show host David Lawrence of Online Tonight.


Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: Gary Shawkey and crew introduce the Outstanding Revolution.

Event: CEI - Competitive Enterprise Institute's Ninth Annual Reception and
Dinner with President of the United States, George W. Bush
Description: Interview by Dave Gardy at 2003's CEI dinner.

Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: 8 min. Video on The Outstanding Revolution.

Event: Live Web Simulcast of Annual Memorial Day Observance
Description: Gary Shawkey, Memorial Day Webcast Sponsor, discusses his
effort to support American Volunteerism.

Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: Gary Shawkey opens webcast of Memorial Day Ceremony live from
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: Nancy Sinatra performs at Memorial Day Ceremony.

Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: Gary Shawkey at the Republican National Committee's
Presidential Dinner.

Event: Gary Shawkey, Internet Marketing and Self-Improvement Guru, to Break
His Own Guinness World Record for Firewalking
Description: Gary Shawkey, the REIGNING Guinness World Record holder for

Event: 4th of July Fireworks Live from Washington, D.C.
Description: Gary Shawkey and Dave Gardy present the Fireworks, Live from

Event: Gary Shawkey International, Inc. - The Outstanding Revolution
Description: Shalom Lake Camp and Retreat Promotional Video. Come see why
Shalom Lake Camp, founded by Gary Shawkey, is a great place for kids.

Event: AdCalls and Gary Shawkey
Description: Al Krauza talks about the interdependence of Ad Calls and the
company's agency owners and describes the multi-tiered company hierarchy.
Al introduces Gary Shawkey, who talks about his personal story of getting
involved with AdCalls and the success he has had with the company.

Event: Ryan's Well Foundation Presentation by Gary Shawkey
Description: Gary Shawkey gives a slide presentation on Ryan's Well
Foundation, a charity he supports and introduces Ryan Hreljac, the young
man who founded the group. Gary presents a $10,000 check to Ryan's Well.

Event: AdCalls Rodeo Drive
Description: At the AdCalls International Conference in Anaheim,
California, AdCalls top International Agency Owner Gary Shawkey rewards the
team that got him there with spending cash and a trip in a fleet of limos
to Rodeo Drive.

Event: Gary Shawkey talks about his website
Description: Gary Shawkey made the website available as a free sales tool
for agency owners to recruit their sales team. The website plays on-demand
streaming video of demonstrations, presentation, events and testimonials.

Event: Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit
Description: Gary Shawkey in partnership with iHollywood Forum attended the
Official Webcast of the Mobile Entertainment Summit. The webcast featured
key content from the show including keynote speeches, breakout sessions,
and interviews with industry leaders and sponsor demonstrations.

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