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April 11, 2006 12:00 ET

VoiceIndigo™ Leverages eBay to Bring Together Leading Public Radio Podcasters and Sponsors

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 11, 2006 -- VoiceIndigo, a leading podcast advertising network and mobile brand enabler today announced that it has teamed up with public radio broadcasting personalities Dr. Moira Gunn ("Tech Nation") and Deirdre Kennedy ("Animals Aloud") to offer sponsors the opportunity to reach a highly targeted, well educated, and prosperous audience via podcasting. eBay was selected as the auction tool to support VoiceIndigo's podcast advertising network.

"We produce at least two podcasts of 'Tech Nation' every week in addition to our shows aired on public and satellite radio around the world. There is no better medium than podcasting to truly connect with listeners. Podcast listeners are technology trendsetters who get excited about innovation. They tend to be well-educated and are prosperous and excellent indicators of what will be important in the months and years to come," said Dr. Moira Gunn, producer of the award-winning "Tech Nation."

"There is nothing more powerful than spoken word. Listeners actively seek out and download our podcasts, so they are by nature highly interested. The sponsorship packages that VoiceIndigo developed enable advertisers to gain valuable experience with an increasingly important narrowcast vehicle for distributing content," said Deirdre Kennedy.

The packages being offered provide sponsors with the unique opportunity to:

1. Reach highly interested listeners who actively subscribe to podcasts.

2. Understand the demographics of listeners and the extent of their reach through well-defined measurement techniques and timely reporting.

3. Participate in a form factor that is non-invasive for the listener and thus more effective.

"In the past, we've sold sponsorships exclusively one-on-one using fixed price offers. Now that more brands and progressive advertising agencies are buying podcast sponsorships, we decided to add eBay auctions as a standard part of our sales process to ensure that both sponsors and podcasters obtain a fair market price for the value that they offer each other. Market transparency is a good thing for everyone, and eBay gives sponsors of all sizes a chance to participate. I believe that the advertising industry will see more and more types of inventory available using an open auction model in the years to come," said John Mayerhofer, CEO of VoiceIndigo.

"I'm thrilled to see leading talent from public radio across the country embrace podcasting to produce and distribute programming that adheres to high production standards and contains compelling content. Podcasting is certainly a rapidly growing trend that gives these professionals a much greater editorial voice," said Doug Kaye, Executive Director of The Conversations Network, the exclusive online distributor of Dr. Moira Gunn's "Tech Nation."

As sponsors reach for innovative ways to work with podcasters, VoiceIndigo is helping them find their way with a leading mobile distribution network and a growing podcast advertising network.

The eBay auctions will begin at 8 AM PDT on April 11th. For information about the listings, visit or More information about VoiceIndigo can be found at

About "Tech Nation"

Dr. Moira Gunn is the host of Public Radio's "Tech Nation," where she has conducted over 2,000 interviews with space pioneers and cyber-novelists, venture capitalists and genetics researchers, teachers and technophobes. Her podcast is based on her current show, which is distributed on hundreds of public radio affiliates around the world, and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Guests on "Tech Nation" have included Alvin Toffler, Andy Grove, Sir David Attenborough, Sir Edmund Hillary, James Gleick, Jim Lehrer, John C. Dvorak, Senator John McCain, Linus Torvalds, Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Crichton, Paul Krugman, Ralph Nader, Po Bronson, Richard Branson, Rosalynn Carter, Scott Adams, Tim Berners-Lee and William Gibson.

About "Animals Aloud"

Deirdre Kennedy is the Host and Executive Producer of "Animals Aloud." She is best known to California radio audiences as a news anchor and reporter for KQED FM in San Francisco. For the past decade, she's become known to radio listeners around the U.S. through her reports on "All Things Considered," "Morning Edition," "Marketplace," "Living On Earth," "On the Media," "Performance Today," "The Infinite Mind," "Latino USA," "This American Life," and "BBC Outlook."

Past Guests on "Animals Aloud" include Isabella Rossellini (actress and wildlife conservationist), Tippi Hedren (actress and founder of the Shambala Preserve), Dr. Stanley Coren, (Author: "How Dogs Think," "The Intelligence of Dogs," "How to Speak Dog"), Burton Silver (Author: "Why Cats Paint," "Why Paint Cats"), Normand La Tourelle (founder Cavalia and Cirque du Soleil), Dr. Bonnie V. Beaver (President, American Veterinary Medical Association), Bob Vetere (President, American Pet Products Manufacturers Association), and Betsy Salkind (writer for "Roseanne," and comic on "The Tonight Show.")

About The Conversations Network

IT Conversations ( is the flagship channel on The Conversations Network (, a leading listener-supported non-profit podcast network. Launched in June 2003, IT Conversations now publishes audio recordings of spoken-word events and interview programs on topics ranging from information technology and biotech to business, social innovation and media.

The events podcast by The Conversations Network include Pop!Tech, Supernova, Accelerating Change and all of the conferences produced by O'Reilly Media including the Emerging Technology Conference (ETech), Web 2.0, and the Open Source Convention (OSCON).

With more than 1,000 programs in its archives, The Conversations Network produces 10-12 programs each week. IT Conversations has been the exclusive publisher of the podcast edition of "Tech Nation" since January 2005.

About VoiceIndigo

VoiceIndigo is a Mobile Brand Enabler. VoiceIndigo provides brands with innovative, highly targeted, and cost effective new ways to connect with high value consumers on their mobile phones and on the web by leveraging the rapidly evolving medium of podcasting. VoiceIndigo consists of VoiceIndigo Strategic Marketing Services, the VoiceIndigo Podcast Advertising Network, and, a podcast distribution service for mobile phones. VoiceIndigo's patent pending Ambient Advertising™ enables brands to reach out to the farthest corners of the mobile network edge, the blogosphere, and the audible web to transact with consumers via click-to-call, click-to-request, and click-to-buy. VoiceIndigo makes podcasts mobile and everybody wins.

In the past the company's team members have delivered value to firms such as AT&T Wireless, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, PCCW, The Interpublic Group, Ogilvy & Mather, Infoseek, Apple, Oracle, Yahoo!, Overture, Napster, Propel, BroadVision, and e-Music. VoiceIndigo partners with leading brands, wireless carriers, and mobile handset OEMs to distribute our solution to the end consumer. For more detailed information, please visit

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