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March 09, 2005 14:11 ET

VoiceObjects Announces Next Generation of Its Voice Application Management System -- VoiceObjects X5



MARCH 9, 2005 - 14:11 ET

VoiceObjects Announces Next Generation of Its Voice
Application Management System -- VoiceObjects X5

2005) -

Integrated Environment Enables Enterprises to Create, Test, Deploy and
Analyze Sophisticated Voice Applications

VoiceObjects, the leader in Voice Application Management Systems (VAMS),
today announced the release of VoiceObjects X5, a powerful VAMS that
features a scalable, reliable, carrier-grade server architecture.

"VoiceObjects is well-known for setting new standards for professional
voice application management systems, and particularly for our unique
server technology and IDE with built-in best-practices," said Karl-Heinz
Land, CEO of VoiceObjects. "VoiceObjects X5 is the vanguard of
next-generation integrated voice application lifecycle management."

Business Benefits

With innovative concepts, easy-to-use features and more than 300
enhancements, VoiceObjects X5 allows businesspeople, rather than
programmers, to manage, control and maintain voice application services
throughout the application life cycle. Using VoiceObjects X5,
enterprises can deploy voice services for less than half the cost of
other vendors' solutions. Because VoiceObjects X5 is based on open
standards, companies' IT infrastructure investments are protected.
VoiceObjects X5's server architecture provides effortless scalability
and its integrated IDE ensures best-quality voice user interfaces.

Using VoiceObjects X5, companies can create, test, deploy and analyze
voice application services in one tightly integrated environment.
VoiceObjects X5's unique server technology offers full multi-service,
multi-tenant capabilities and cluster management. Enterprise
organizations are empowered to efficiently manage the complexities of
operating voice and DTMF applications through their life cycles.

"We are impressed by the wide range of technical breakthroughs and
business benefits provided by VoiceObjects X5. We haven't seen any other
offering that matches it," stated Sven Klindworth, Marketing Manager
Contact Routing Solutions from T-Com. "The product features are key to
success for our Voice Web Portal operation, through which T-Com business
customers can offer voice-enabled self-service applications to their
customer base. Particularly the multi-tiered architecture with
VoiceObjects Server as the central dialog-processing hub connecting the
VoiceXML-enabled IVR to the various customer-specific backend systems is
mission-critical for us. The integrated cluster management combined with
multi-tenancy support fulfills all our managed service requirements in
terms of performance, reliability, and security. VoiceObjects X5 sets a
new standard in the market for voice application management in
carrier-grade environments."

"Application management is critical to maintaining optimal performance
of voice applications in complex high availability and cluster
environments," said Daniel Hong, Voice Business Analyst at Datamonitor.
"With VoiceObjects' release of X5, the vendor is certainly raising the
industry bar in VAMS."

Detailed Product Description

VoiceObjects X5 consists of VoiceObjects Server and VoiceObjects
Desktop, both extensively enhanced in this release. They are
complemented by VoiceObjects Infostore, VoiceObjects Analyzer and
VoiceObjects XDK.

VoiceObjects Server™

VoiceObjects Server easily scales from just a few ports for a small
business to thousands of ports for a managed services platform. It is
the only voice application server in the world offering full
multi-service and multi-tenant capabilities. Through its built-in
cluster management, administration is effortless and failsafe,
regardless of the size of the installation. One-click hot redeploy
updates an application across an entire server farm, transparently
ensuring that ongoing calls continue without interruption.

VoiceObjects Server can be monitored and administrated through its
web-based Control Center or through a command line interface that
integrates into system management frameworks. Industry-standard SNMP is
fully supported. VoiceObjects Server allows the assignment of
appropriate roles and privileges to every user involved in the voice
application life-cycle, and even allows the management of multiple
tenants within a single VoiceObjects installation.

VoiceObjects Desktop™

VoiceObjects Desktop is a highly interactive, easy-to-use web interface
for creating, testing, deploying and analyzing voice and DTMF
applications. It revolutionizes voice service creation by enabling
non-technical users to take advantage of the latest IT standards and
speech technologies through an object-based modeling approach instead of
a coding approach. This single interface makes it easier than ever to
perform voice application lifecycle tasks in a collaborative fashion.

VoiceObjects XDK™

VoiceObjects XDK provides the first open, XML-based interface to a
comprehensive application life cycle management framework. Now,
organizations can leverage best-of-breed development environments such
as Eclipse, SAP NetWeaver Studio and IBM WebSphere Studio to easily
build high-quality voice and DTMF applications, and to seamlessly
deploy, monitor, analyze and maintain them in the industry's leading
Voice Application Management System. VoiceObjects XDK comes with
VoiceObjects Studio, an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that is
based on the popular Eclipse framework.

VoiceObjects Infostore™

VoiceObjects Infostore collects real-time data from VoiceObjects Server
and saves it into a relational database. There's no dumping of logs on
diverse platforms, no additional consolidation of data and no purging of
files in a clustered production environment. The only limitation on data
collection is the database capacity.

The open and extensible architecture and a well-documented relational
database model allow voice dialog data to be easily merged with other
information, such as customer data, call control information and data
from other enterprise resources.

VoiceObjects Analyzer™

VoiceObjects Analyzer analyzes data written by VoiceObjects Infostore in
real time, providing an up-to-the-minute graphical view of the status of
the system. Pre-configured reports allow instant analysis of the most
frequently asked questions. Using VoiceObjects Analyzer, application
designers obtain insight into dialog details for tuning and performance
analysis, system administrators can control system performance and
workload, and business analysts can obtain information about caller
behaviour and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Users can choose
from a wide variety of pre-defined reports suited to their business
needs. In addition, custom data views and ad-hoc reports can be easily
created. VoiceObjects Analyzer leverages the analytical capabilities of
best-of-breed business intelligence and reporting tools.

VoiceObjects -- All Business is Vocal

VoiceObjects is the worldwide leader in Voice Application Management
Systems (VAMS). The VoiceObjects X5 product portfolio enables companies
to easily create, test, deploy and analyze voice applications with the
industry's best IDE on a carrier-grade, server-based platform. The
company has strategic partners worldwide, including Comverse, Danet,
Genesys, IBM, NextiraOne, SAP, Softlab, T-Com, T-Systems and VoiceGenie.
VoiceObjects was founded in 2001 and is privately held and
venture-backed. The company is headquartered in Cologne, Germany and has
offices in the United States and in the United Kingdom. For more
information, please visit www.voiceobjects.com.


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