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April 18, 2011 15:32 ET

VoicePro® Launches Persuasive PowerPoint® Presentation Skills Workshop

CLEVELAND, OH--(Marketwire - Apr 18, 2011) - VoicePro®, the nationally recognized communication training organization, has launched Persuasive PowerPoint®, a new two-day presentation skills workshop for advanced communicators that teaches participants to combine the intellectual, PowerPoint side of communication with the power of examples and stories to more effectively move an audience to action and results. The Persuasive PowerPoint® presentation skills workshop is offered in an open-enrollment format at the VoicePro® corporate offices or as a customized onsite workshop by corporate contract.

"Individuals hoping to thrive as leaders must be powerful and persuasive communicators," says Leslie Dickson, President of VoicePro®. "The Persuasive PowerPoint® presentation skills workshop helps leaders learn to communicate and influence an audience with slides that inform and stories that inspire, instead of losing themselves -- and their listeners -- in a mass of hard-to-read, impossible-to-digest slides."

Attendees of Persuasive PowerPoint® will learn to master the three most important elements of a good presentation: delivering factual information that appeals to the logical, critical thinker; using stories and examples for strong, emotional impact; and speaking with confidence, poise and flair. The workshop will focus on crucial presentation skills:

  • Use PowerPoint slides to convey key points with a powerful punch, while maintaining a strong connection with the audience.
  • Paint vivid word pictures that ensure clarity and make an emotional connection.
  • Craft and deliver stories that support the organization's desired vision, mission, values and goals.
  • Use advanced presentation skills, such as movement, imagery, vocal inflection, and humor.
  • Read an audience and respond to their unspoken needs.
  • Become more confident, comfortable, and powerfully persuasive.

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Founded in 1984, VoicePro® is a nationally recognized training center helping individuals develop personal power through effective communication. VoicePro® works with individuals, organizations and government entities, helping people, teams and organizations build communication and presentation skills that contribute strategically to the bottom line. VoicePro® teaches professionals to engage authentically with others, listen actively, adapt to different situations, and communicate with influence, clarity and power to achieve greater results.

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