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March 01, 2007 08:59 ET

VOIP Payment Services to Diversify Revenue by Offering Electronic Online Payment Service to Tougi and Online Retailers

PORTLAND, OR -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 1, 2007 -- Nettel Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB: NTTL) Berlin and Frankfurt Stock Exchanges (NT7, WKN 727487) -- VOIP Payment Services Division, to Diversify Revenue by Offering Electronic Online Payment Service to Tougi and Online Retailers.

VOIP Payment Services (VE) is a proven, trusted, and reliable service. The logo 'VE Accepted Here' is very well known in the telecom industry globally. We have been successfully evaluated, stress tested, and used over the past year. VE has been widely adopted by buyers and sellers and is now accepted as a payment option by over 2,000 telecom companies located in over 40 countries. With superior risk management and fraud detection capabilities, the propriety system has made buying and selling telecom minutes simple, safe and affordable for many companies.

VE was created to provide a safe and secure automated platform for buyers and sellers to buy and sell large blocks of telecom minutes directly between each other. For each transaction, both parties know each other in advance. VE acts as a middle-man who protects the buyer by assuring the buyer he receives minutes he has ordered, and we protect the seller by ensuring the money is available to him for minutes he has sold. VE makes $.0005 per minute for each minute processed. The unique features with VE propriety system is the whole entire transaction can be done 24/7 by both parties without the help of a live person.

Over the past year, VE members were limited to use the funds available in their accounts only to buy and sell telecom minutes. We have been receiving a lot of requests from members asking for the capability to buy and sell expensive telecom equipment with the funds available in their account. This option was not available until now. With the latest VE version 10, VE members will be able now to post their telecom equipment and servers for sale on Tougi. VE buyers can now purchase this equipment with the funds available in their account. In addition, they can now use the funds in their VE account to purchase from any of the over 50,000 products currently listed on Tougi.

In further expansion, we have been in discussion with other online retailers to add VE as a payment option to their online stores and auctions. The service works similar to PayPal. Online retailers approved for participation can display a "VE Accepted Here" logo on their online website or auction. Online consumers and businesses will be able to buy more confidently by looking for websites that display VOIP Payment Services "VE Accepted Here" logo.

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