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September 27, 2011 10:54 ET

Volatile Market Plays to the Strengths of gxtrader

Its Patented Visual Presentation of Trading Ideas Cuts Through the Clutter Generated by Active Markets, Enabling Traders to Make Decisions

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - Launched six months ago, gxtrader ( can provide traders with information that may help take advantage of opportunities that may exist in volatile markets.

Integrated into a robust new trading platform for individual traders, gxtrader features a patented display and pattern recognition technology that attempts to reveal unique market opportunities and trading ideas for active traders.

"The origins of this new technology can be traced to the companies that started gxtrader -- Nirvana Systems and Transcend Capital," said Ed Downs, Nirvana Systems' CEO. "With decades of experience in the active trader industry, each company had a hand in creating the intuitive functionality that is imbedded in this technology."

Among the features of the trading ideas technology are:

  • Market Map. This graphical representation of the market shows how momentum may start building in real time.

  • Indicators and Color Charts™. With more than 100 technical indicators, gxtrader helps traders identify potential conditions within a chart. They can use the indicators to define their own custom Color Chart™ and help identify specific chart regions of interest.

  • Trading Signals. Built-in pattern recognition can help traders identify common patterns, even across multiple time frames to help improve the accuracy of trading ideas.

Downs was careful to add that the technology presents market data in a way that is designed to offer a more intuitive view of the market and help traders find potential trading ideas.

"This platform offers something to both the active trader and the investor," said Downs. "The active trader gets access to a pattern-recognition technology that relies on more than two decades of data, while investors get a conduit to trade ideas."

About gxtrader
gxtrader was formed through the partnership of two firms with extensive trading expertise and history -- Nirvana Systems and Transcend Capital. By focusing on the needs of the individual trader, gxtrader is able to provide straight forward pricing, great customer service, and timely trading ideas.

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