February 22, 2013 09:00 ET

VoloVitamins: New York City Dad Combats Flu Season by Creating Vitamin Line for Kids

NEW YORK, NEW YORK--(Marketwire - Feb. 22, 2013) - The launch of VoloVitamins, a vitamin line for kids, couldn't have been better timed with one of the worst flu seasons in New York history. According to New York City's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene children under the age of 18 and especially under age five, continue to be the greatest number of patients seen in emergency departments for the flu.

"The task of keeping three young kids healthy throughout the flu season is a challenge to say the least," said a New Yorker dad and Founder of VoloVitamins. "I've been encouraging my kids to keep their hands clean and after speaking to our paediatrician, I decided a daily vitamin was the next step to protecting my kids from the many flu bugs that are circulating this winter."

With a team of local paediatricians, the New Yorker dad decided to formulate a product that wasn't yet on the market. Knowing sugar decreases the efficiency of the immune system; he created an all-natural, gluten-free vitamin for kids with no sugar. VoloVitamins is a powdered vitamin mixture that can be added to any amount of water depending on flavor preference. The decision to invest time and energy into this project was a simple one; he is a parent that wants to feel good about what he's offering his kids.

"We are experiencing one of the worst flu seasons in years and kids are definitely the most vulnerable," said the Founder of VoloVitamins. "Volopaks dissolve fast and the vitamins are absorbed quickly versus other products on the market that are slow to absorb and have high levels of sugary ingredients."

About VoloVitamins:

We are parents, nutritionists, scientists, doctors, and all-around health nuts who came together to develop the world's best all natural, comprehensive children's vitamin and mineral supplement that would be easy and tasty enough so that everyone-including kids-could enjoy the benefits of better health and wellness. All the vitamins and nutrients your body needs are packed into each serving of VoloVitamins. Just tear open a Volopak, pour into a glass of water, and let the gentle fizz go to work. It dissolves fast, which means it's absorbed quickly and completely by your body. The seventeen different fruits in our proprietary blend make VoloVitamins delicious even to the discerning palettes of our youngest customers, with no added sugar and no artificial flavors.

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