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February 06, 2007 06:00 ET

Voltage Launches Data Protection System to Safeguard All Sensitive Information Throughout Enterprise Networks

Comprehensive Offering Defends Data Wherever It's Collected, Stored and Transmitted; Eases Path to PCI and Other Regulatory Compliance, and Supports Service-Oriented Architectures

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 6, 2007 -- RSA Conference 2007 -- At a time when businesses and their customers have zero tolerance for data breaches, Voltage Security, Inc. (, a global leader in enterprise privacy management, today introduced the Voltage Data Protection System™, a powerful and comprehensive solution to persistently protect sensitive data at all times throughout the network. This offering addresses a critical need for enterprises to ensure sensitive data is encrypted as it is collected, transmitted and stored throughout its processing lifecycle. With the Voltage Data Protection System, enterprises for the first time have the ability to implement comprehensive application level encryption for data as it flows through servers, databases and storage, regardless of infrastructure or application format requirements.

"To avoid brand damage and maintain compliance, today's enterprise requires a new data security model," said Stephen Katz, CISSP and former chief information security officer of Citigroup. "Encryption must shift from point solutions to a centrally managed, comprehensive solution that can enforce encryption policy for the data itself. The Voltage Data Protection System delivers a comprehensive, centrally managed, effective and efficient solution."

The need for comprehensive encryption capability cannot be denied. Over 440 companies have reported security breaches of over 100 million records containing personally identifiable information (PII) in the past two years(1); the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard mandates stringent key management and encryption requirements for merchants; and privacy legislation such as HIPAA and GLBA require organizations to protect sensitive customer and patient data.

To solve these difficult challenges, enterprises require the ability to control, manage and protect data across the enterprise, including:

--  The ability to move from fragmented point solutions to a data-centric
    security model, enforcing protection policy directly on the data itself
--  Centralized encryption policy management and reporting to ensure
    strong program management and audit
--  Minimized integration cost and lowered complexity through encryption
    that meets the application environment, rather than re-engineering the
    application or adding extensive infrastructure
--  Comprehensive coverage for all points within the data processing
Existing application-level solutions can only address a portion of this problem. Until the introduction of the Voltage Data Protection System, enterprises were forced to choose between implementing partial encryption, extensively re-engineering applications to meet format requirements, or addressing format requirements through additional look aside databases which increase management costs, require connectivity and create backup and archiving complexities.

"The Voltage Data Protection System is an important and natural expansion of Voltage Security's innovative key management and encryption capabilities," said Paul Kocher, president and chief scientist of Cryptography Research. "The complexities of implementing application-level encryption have produced a large barrier to adoption in the past. The combination of API's, platforms, and algorithm choices in Voltage's new offering promises to make comprehensive data protection significantly easier to manage and integrate into a wide variety of enterprise applications."

The Voltage Data Protection System was specifically designed to address the continuum of enterprise application-level encryption requirements, including:

--  Comprehensive support for Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA),
    offline and legacy environments;
--  Elimination of extensive application re-engineering through encryption
    that can preserve the field size and format;
--  Centralized policy management and reporting;
--  Strong, centralized key management, policy management and
    authentication mechanisms -- in compliance with PCI and security best
--  Common sets of protocols and formats for cross-platform support;
--  "Crypto technology agnostic" capabilities with broad support for
    Public and Asymmetric Key Management, AES, 3DES, and other standards;
--  Reduced management overhead and costs through Voltage Identity-Based
    Key Management.
The Voltage Data Protection System can be easily integrated using the Voltage SOA Encryption Server to centralize encryption operations across all applications or directly integrated using native APIs to perform in an offline environment. These benefits are delivered by an innovative solution that includes numerous deployment and encryption options, all encompassed by centralized management and auditing. Specific components of the solution include:
--  Voltage Privacy Management Console: Centralized policy management and
    reporting across the entire Voltage Data Protection System
--  Voltage Key Management Server: Centralized Voltage IBE and symmetric
    key management
--  Voltage SOA Encryption Server: Centralized web services encryption
    option for online environments
--  Voltage Encryption Toolkit: High performance integration option for
    offline environments or build-in requirements
--  Voltage Command Line: Ideal option for bulk encryption operations
--  Comprehensive encryption options: Voltage IBE, AES and format
    preserving encryption ensure that all data can be protected, regardless of
    data structure or application format requirements
"As a trusted custodian of customer data, ensuring strong data protection is very important to us; and as a business, keeping our IT costs contained is essential," said Mr. Kizuki Fukuda, senior manager of Space Communications Corporation, a Tokyo-based satellite telecommunications operator whose shareholders consists of 28 Mitsubishi group companies. "The Voltage Data Protection System provides us with the perfect option to easily protect data on our next-generation distributed storage network -- an anti-disaster nonstop content warehouse we are currently developing. The Voltage Data Protection System's high performance integration options and ease of key management enable us to secure our customer's sensitive information without adding extensive management or infrastructure costs."

"Customer privacy requirements and stringent regulations such as PCI are driving enterprises to safeguard their sensitive information at all costs," said Sathvik Krishnamurthy, president and chief executive officer, Voltage Security. "The Voltage Data Protection System provides a comprehensive, information-centric security architecture that can flexibly integrate into virtually any application environment, without extensive re-engineering costs or complex management. Combined with the production-proven scalability of Voltage IBE, this new solution makes the vision of protecting all sensitive structured and unstructured data in the enterprise a reality."

Pricing & Availability

The Voltage Data Protection System is currently under trial at several enterprise customer sites and will be generally available in the first half of 2007.

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