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February 14, 2011 07:07 ET

Voltage Security Announces Continued Growth & Momentum of World's Easiest-to-Use Enterprise Email Encryption Solution

New Release Simplifies End User, OEM and Reseller Experience; Enables and Enforces New High-Value Business Policies and Workflows Within Voltage SecureMail and Voltage SecureMail Cloud

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - February 14, 2011) - FROM THE RSA CONFERENCE -- Voltage Security, Inc., a global leader in enterprise and payment card data protection inside and outside the cloud, today announced the latest update to its market-leading email encryption solution, Voltage SecureMail™ v4. The new version includes numerous features and enhancements that further streamline and simplify the end user experience; better enable OEM and reseller partners to add secure email to their on-premise and cloud offerings; and provide greater depth of business features (encryption policy and workflow, etc.) for global enterprises.

The Voltage SecureMail product line continues to see accelerating demand for large-scale deployments of its flagship product, Voltage SecureMail, across new installations and as replacement technology for failed implementations of legacy email encryption products, while existing customers expand deployment further throughout their global enterprise infrastructures. Here are a few examples from the past year:

  • A Fortune 50 global financial services company deploys Voltage SecureMail to over 320,000 internal and several million external users across 86 countries, replacing an aging PKI-based encryption technology.
  • A major Wall Street bank and Fortune 100 financial services provider with global operations chooses Voltage SecureMail for its 100,000 employees around the world.
  • An award-winning regional health care organization replaces a non-functioning email security solution from one of the largest technology companies in the world with policy-based encryption from Voltage SecureMail.

"Voltage SecureMail is now the de facto standard for global-class encrypted email deployments, with well over 4.5 million licensed users," said Mark Bower, vice president of Product Management for Voltage Security, Inc. "Our Voltage SecureMail total new contract value grew over 90% last fiscal year, showing that customers appreciate the simplified user experience, on-premise and cloud-based delivery models and its unmatched scalability making it the global enterprise choice today."

New capabilities in Voltage SecureMail serve global enterprises, users and partners in the following ways:

(A) Corporate enterprises, financial institutions, telecoms providers, healthcare and insurance organizations, government agencies and more get additional high-value encryption policies and workflows that can be enabled and enforced with Voltage SecureMail and Voltage SecureMail Cloud. New features include:

  • Policy-based archiving -- Enables organizations to easily archive, index, search and retrieve secure emails inside their archives; simplifies and accelerates e-Discovery and forensic investigation processes.
  • External recipient message-sending policies -- Provides granular "send control" options such that, for example, a sender can specify that an email discussion between their organization and a customer cannot be forwarded to any third party -- ever.
  • Message locking -- Gives users the ability to request that messages be 'locked' after they are already sent; this prohibits recipients from accessing them -- particularly useful in "fat-finger" situations such as these: (a) you didn't mean to press send yet, (b) you accidentally sent the message to the wrong person, (c) you sent the message to the right person but it contained the wrong attachment.

(B) End users -- senders and recipients -- get a further simplified experience from composing to encrypting and decrypting messages, and securely sharing large attachments and files; this, building upon the award-winning usability of Voltage SecureMail. Examples of increased usability features include:

  • A BlackBerry reader app that enables external recipients to receive and respond to secure emails in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • A Simple Secure Enrollment Service, providing a simple but cryptographically secure way to ensure that the person requesting enrollment does indeed own the identity being used without creating complex workflows for the end user.

( C ) Partners, with this update, can even more easily integrate, customize, provision and manage their Voltage SecureMail Cloud and custom-branded email encryption offerings. Options are available to suit for a range of partner business models:

  • The Partner Edition, which provides two options:
    • On-premise option, which gives partners use of the Gateway SDK so that they can integrate email encryption directly into their appliances, and includes stateless key management from Voltage SecureMail Cloud.
    • Cloud-based option, which gives partners the ability to integrate with the Voltage SecureMail Cloud Gateway so they can offer a seamless cloud solution.
  • The Reseller Partner Program, which enables use of an "Affiliate Interface" in order to embed Voltage SecureMail Cloud into their ecommerce websites.

(Editor's Note: Please see recent announcement "Voltage SecureMail Announces OEM Cloud Version of Market Leading Secure Email: WatchGuard First to OEM Cloud Version of Market Leading Secure Email")

The new release also features additional support for 64-bit Windows, Microsoft Exchange 10 and Microsoft Office 2010.

Identity-Based Encryption (IBE)
Unlike other PKI-based solutions that are difficult to manage and scale without additional resources, Voltage has employed breakthrough technologies and approaches that are proven in extreme enterprise environments. One such innovation is Voltage Identity-Based Encryption™ (Voltage IBE™), which provides stateless Key Management for protecting valuable, regulated and sensitive information based on policy. It eliminates the burdens of traditional key management, giving organizations the power to meet and exceed industry and regulatory compliance requirements while enabling "best practices" e-mail protection.

Pricing & Availability
Voltage SecureMail v4 is available today, and includes Voltage SecureMail Gateway and Voltage Key Management Server. Pricing for Voltage SecureMail Cloud -- Standard Edition -- starts at $5,850 for 100 users per year.

About Voltage Security
Voltage Security, Inc., an enterprise security company, is an encryption innovator and global leader in enterprise data protection for data residing both inside and outside the cloud. Voltage solutions provide cloud-scale encryption and simplified key management for protecting sensitive information wherever it is stored and processed, on-premise or in private and public clouds. Voltage solutions are in use at almost 1,000 enterprise customers, including some of the world's leading brand-name companies in payments, banking, retail, insurance, energy, healthcare and government.

Voltage solutions reduce the risks associated with theft of sensitive and private information, support privacy guidelines including PCI DSS, HITECH, U.S. Data Breach Disclosure laws and European Data Privacy directives, and uniquely provide security of data coupled with unmatched usability which results in significantly lowered total cost of ownership.

Harnessing award-winning cryptography and key management, including Voltage Identity-Based Encryption™ (IBE) and a breakthrough innovation in data usability, Format-Preserving Encryption™ (FPE), Voltage solutions have changed how enterprises protect their most valuable asset, their customer data. Offerings include Voltage SecureMail™, Voltage SecureData™, Voltage SecureFile™ and Voltage Cloud Services™ which provides cloud scale encryption and key management for businesses, partners and their customers. The Company has been issued several patents based upon breakthrough research in mathematics and cryptographic systems. To learn more about Voltage customers please visit

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