SOURCE: Jim Mooradian and Associates

June 11, 2009 17:02 ET

Voluntary Benefits Is Solution to Job Security Issues, Says Benefits Expert Jim Mooradian

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2009) - What's the number one issue today in the context of job security? With multiple crises in healthcare, health insurance, pension funds, 401Ks, social security and all the rest, benefits thoughtleader Jim Mooradian responds with the questions: "How do I pay my mortgage if I lose my job? What happens if I get sick or hurt?"

With fewer and fewer traditional core benefits to pick up the slack -- disability coverage, for example, is becoming increasingly more important to people's financial security. "Corporations are cutting back on all that," he says, "so companies need to look toward 'voluntary benefits' to help workers out."

Yet many firms and employees have never even heard of "voluntary benefits." By way of definition, Jim paints this scenario: "Providing your employees with healthcare coverage is expensive! And even with increasingly higher costs, you may still NOT be providing full and adequate coverage. Suppose your employee loses a week or two of work due to an accident or illness. Are all medical and household costs covered, as well as interruptions in income? For most firms the answer would be no."

Thus, to meet this dilemma, he explains, many companies are turning to Voluntary Benefits (VB) programs, which not only fill growing gaps in standard healthcare and benefits coverage, but also serve to contain employer costs as well. Since premiums of VB programs are paid by employees, not companies, these supplemental programs manage to ease the burdens of all involved.

A specialized "mega-player" in this area, Jim's firm Jim Mooradian and Associates has been cited as one of the biggest producers of voluntary programs in the country. Its team of benefits experts (Chris Allen, Bryan Lambert, Robert Neff and Sharon Asperschlager) goes beyond the usual broker activity by consulting, coaching and advising its clients so that end results are win-wins for everybody. Jim, Bryan and Chris have even authored or co-authored articles on related topics for such major benefits journals as Employee Benefit News, Employee Benefit Plan Review and Employment Relations Today, the Boston Globe and SHRM Online.

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