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May 05, 2009 12:30 ET

Vonage Declares Mother's Day a Phone Holiday

Will You Call Your Mom This Holiday, or Text Her? Vonage Hit the Streets and Twitter to Find Out!

HOLMDEL, NJ--(Marketwire - May 5, 2009) - Does texting your Mother hold the same weight as the power of your voice? More than ever, people tend to rely on technology to communicate, but when it comes to important moments and special people, which is more powerful, a short electronic note, or picking up the phone?

Vonage wants to know -- how are you going to tell your Mother you love her on Mother's Day this year? Vonage hit the streets of New York City, and asked people if they'd call or text Mom. Watch this video to find out the best answers:

Pick Up the Phone, People!

The overwhelming majority of people we talked to in New York said they would call their Mother instead of text. Here are some of the most memorable answers as to why:

"I would call so she can hear my voice and have that connection."

"Definitely a phone call is a more personal way to communicate."

"[A call] is a good Mother's Day gift [so you] wouldn't have to go out and do anything extra."

"Definitely call because I love her a lot and text isn't the same as a call."

And Twitter Spoke...

The Vonage_Voice Twitter handle asked -- would Moms be okay with just a text? What are your best Mom memories? Are you going to call or text? Here are some notable Tweets:

--  @TrishFreshwater: When pregnant w/my 1st baby, my 3 yr old nephew left
    a voice msg: he sang Happy Bday instead of Happy Mother's Day.
--  @DJAlfy: Pretty cheap to just say "Happy Mums Day" via text.
--  @VOLOforDRBC: I'm going to be calling my mom on Mom's Day to let her
    know I'm still alive! #swineflu

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Calling Your Mom Doesn't Break the Bank

Need even more incentive to pick up the phone and call Mom on Sunday? When you sign up for Vonage's Residential Premium Unlimited Plan, you get unlimited local and long distance calling anywhere in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. For additional details, visit

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