March 19, 2007 08:00 ET

Vontu Announces General Availability of Vontu 7

Vontu Delivers Content-Aware Endpoint Monitoring, PCI DSS Compliance Support, Asian Language Detection, Lotus Notes and SQL Database Discovery and More

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- Vontu, Inc., the leader in Data Loss Prevention solutions, today announced the general availability of Vontu 7, the industry's first integrated, enterprise-class Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software solution that enables organizations to protect confidential data at rest, in motion, and at the endpoint from wrongful disclosure, and automatically enforce data loss prevention policies. By securing the data itself, regardless of network boundaries, Vontu 7 provides security for the world of high-speed bandwidth, mobile devices and virtual organizations.

Following successful beta trials to ensure the high quality and reliability of Vontu 7, the product suite is now available for shipment to customers and prospects. The beta trials spanned a 12-week period and covered more than 100,000 users at several global Fortune 100 companies. All three of the product lines -- Data in Motion, Data at Rest, and Data at the Endpoint -- were tested on production networks. To fully test the advanced detection capabilities in Vontu 7, the software was deployed globally in North America, Europe and Asia. Beta test results showed significant increases in detection accuracy.

"Vontu products and services have been valuable to Prudential in helping us meet our data security objectives," said Tom Doughty, Corporate Information Security Officer, Prudential Financial, a Vontu 7 beta customer. "By listening to our requirements and collaborating on product development, the Vontu team has continued to be a trusted business partner."

In addition to the beta test deployments, Vontu 7 is currently deployed in technical evaluations at organizations with a total of more than 600,000 employees.

"The world has changed, and it is time to rethink security," said Vontu CEO Joseph Ansanelli. "In the wide open world of high-speed bandwidth, mobile devices and virtual organizations, the loss of confidential consumer data and intellectual property has become a huge, pervasive problem. As the data loss prevention leader, Vontu is helping the world's largest, most data-driven businesses address this problem. With Vontu 7, we have delivered our most comprehensive release to date, field-tested by Vontu customers in global deployments."

Integrated Data Loss Prevention Suite

The Vontu 7 suite enables organizations to safeguard intellectual property and other confidential data, whether it is located on servers, desktops and laptops (data at rest), exiting the network via email, web mail or other Internet protocols (data in motion) or copied to USB drives and other removable storage devices (data at the endpoint). Vontu 7 delivers a broad array of capabilities, including content-aware monitoring of USB drives and other removable storage devices, new capabilities to support the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Asian language detection, and discovery of confidential data at rest in Lotus Notes and SQL databases.

--  Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention at the Endpoint
    Vontu 7 is the first vendor to offer a content-aware, enterprise-class
    endpoint DLP product that is fully integrated with DLP capabilities for
    data in motion and data at rest.  Using the same accurate detection and
    policy enforcement as the Vontu network-based products, a new, agent-based
    product, Vontu Endpoint Monitor, delivers visibility and control over
    confidential data copied to removable media like USB storage drives, CD-
    ROMs and iPods, or downloaded to local drives in violation of security
    policies.  The Vontu 7 multi-tier architecture scales to support tens of
    thousands of endpoints, while ensuring superior stability and
--  Data Identifiers to Support PCI Magnetic Stripe Data and Other Data
    To improve accuracy and eliminate false positives, Vontu 7 includes a set
    of 20 out-of-the-box Data Identifiers. Unlike solutions that merely look
    for typical data patterns, Vontu Data Identifiers leverage fully-
    configurable validation criteria to screen out test data or form samples
    and identify distinct data types specific to a broad range of countries and
    regions, including magnetic stripe data for PCI DSS compliance, as well as
    credit card numbers, bank identification numbers (BINs), and country-
    specific data such as Canadian Social Insurance Numbers and U.K. National
    Insurance numbers.
--  Asian Language Content Detection
    Vontu 7 is the first DLP solution to provide comprehensive support for
    detection, remediation, reporting and policy authoring across Asian
    languages, including Chinese (simplified and traditional), Japanese, and
    Korean across data in motion, at rest and at the endpoint.  All Vontu
    detection technologies are enabled for double-byte character sets.  Vontu
    now supports 32 different languages spanning Europe, Asia and the Americas.
--  Discovery of Data at Rest in Lotus Notes and SQL Databases
    New features in Vontu 7 expand the coverage of data at rest by allowing
    organizations to discover exposed confidential data stored in content
    management systems and databases, including Lotus Notes and SQL databases
    such as Oracle.  With Vontu 7, Vontu enables the discovery of more data
    storage types than any other solution.  New rapid remediation features
    enable incident responders to gain visibility into metadata on exposed data
    at rest, such as file owner, Access Control List (ACL) privileges and date
    last modified.  These details are critical for incident response teams to
    quickly triage and remediate data at rest incidents.
Availability and Pricing

Vontu 7 is available immediately. Pricing starts at $25,000, and is based on the number of users and the products purchased.

--  For evaluations and risk assessments by prospective buyers, contact
    Vontu Sales.
--  For customer deployments, contact Vontu Professional Services.
--  For channel partners, contact your Channel Sales Manager.
About Vontu

Vontu is the leading provider of Data Loss Prevention solutions that protect data anywhere -- at rest, in motion or at the endpoint. By reducing the risk of data loss, Vontu helps organizations ensure public confidence, demonstrate compliance and maintain competitive advantage. Vontu customers include many of the world's largest and most data-driven enterprises and government agencies. Vontu has received numerous awards, including IDG's InfoWorld 2007 Technology of the Year Award for "Best Data Leak Prevention," as well as SC Magazine's 2006 U.S. Excellence Award for "Best Enterprise Security Solution" and Global Award for "Best New Security Solution." For more information, please visit

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