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Canadian Home Builder's Association - Calgary Region

October 07, 2010 11:08 ET

Votecalgary.ca Announces Polling Results for All 14 Aldermanic Wards

Canadian Home Builder's Association-Calgary Region and the Urban Development Institute's Votecalgary.ca Unveils Results from Municipal Election's Only All-Ward Poll

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - Oct. 7, 2010) - The Canadian Home Builder's Association– Calgary Region (CHBA) and the Urban Development Institute (UDI) Calgary today released polling results from all 14 aldermanic wards. This is the only all-ward poll conducted leading up to Calgary's municipal election on October 18.

The poll was commissioned by votecalgary.ca, a campaign project of CHBA – Calgary Region and UDI - Calgary, and was conducted by O'Connell Enterprises of Calgary and Elemental Data Collection, Inc. Telephone interviews were completed from September 21 to October 3 with a random sample of adults intending to vote in the October 18 civic election. In each ward, 280 interviews were completed for a total of 3,920 interviews. The margin of error for a random sample of 280 interviews is maximum ≠ 5.8% for results based on the ward. In terms of methodology, the sample size of 280 and the resulting margin of error were optimum for the timing of this poll. Calls were timed to be started as soon as possible after the list of official candidates was filed, and then to be finished as soon as possible to allow candidates time to respond to the poll results.

"As an industry that employs over 28,000 Calgarians, we felt it was integral to provide pertinent information to our members regarding Calgary's municipal election and specifically regarding the aldermanic races in each ward," said Jenelle Wolhberg, votecalgary.ca Project Manger. "Our industry is affected by the decisions made by city council in each of the 14 wards. By commissioning this all-ward poll, our members can make informed voting decisions based on current and relevant data."

Overall, the all-ward poll showcases three categories of results: 1) wards containing an incumbent candidate holding a relatively strong lead (with second-place contenders holding between 3 and 5 per cent total support); 2) wards containing an incumbent candidate facing a relatively strong second-place contender (with contenders holding between 10 and 16 per cent total support); and 3) wards with no incumbent and no clear frontrunner.

The wards with an incumbent candidate in a relatively clear lead include wards 5 (Ray Jones with 46% total support), 10 (Andre Chabot with 45% total support), 13 (Diane Colley-Urquhart with 38% total support), 1 (Dale Hodges with 37% total support) and 2 (Gord Lowe with 28% total support).

Five wards contain an incumbent candidate facing a strong second-place candidate. In ward 7, incumbent Druh Farrell (25%) holds a lead over Kevin Taylor (15%) while ward 11's Brian Pincott (22%) faces competition from newcomer James Maxim (11%). In ward 3, Helene Larocque (10%) is proving to be a contender for incumbent Jim Stevenson's (28%) council seat while ward 14's incumbent Linda Fox-Mellway (20%) is facing two contenders - Richard Dur (16%) and Peter Demong (13%). In ward 8, incumbent John Mar (39%) holds a lead over Zakary Pashak (12%).

Wards 9,6,12 and 4 contained no incumbent and no clear front-runner at the conclusion of the poll.

For additional analysis and ward-by-ward information please visit: http://media3.marketwire.com/r/AldermanicPollResults20101007

Votecalgary.ca is a positive and educational platform to help lead a variety of debates on topics pertaining to the development of the city of Calgary. The votecalgary.ca website has been designed to provide industry members with discussion and information, encouraging them to cast an informed vote on October 18th. For more information, please visit www.votecalgary.ca

CHBA – Calgary Region represents over 700 member companies including single and multi family builders, renovators, land developers, trades, suppliers and general professionals bound together to provide the Calgary region with housing and communities that represent innovation and integrity.

UDI - Calgary represents over 180 member companies involved in residential, multi-family and commercial construction in Calgary. The association's mission is to represent their members in development industry through the establishment of urban planning and development which will best provide for the needs of Calgarians today and in the future.

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