SOURCE: VoteHere, a division of Dategrity Corp.

May 31, 2005 13:05 ET

VoteHere Announces Mail-in Ballot Tracker Audit Solution

Tracks Each Ballot Individually With Complete Voter Privacy Protection

BELLEVUE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 31, 2005 -- VoteHere®, a division of Dategrity Corp., a leading supplier of election audit and verification technology, today announced the availability of Mail-in Ballot Tracker™, an audit solution to provide the first ever ability to track individual ballots while protecting voter privacy. Adding to its audit solutions for e-voting systems, the VoteHere Mail-in Ballot Tracker audit solution integrates seamlessly into any absentee mail processing system. Until now, ballot tracking was limited to tracking batches of ballots in order to protect ballot secrecy. As a result, election officials have lacked the audit tools to account for each ballot individually, leading to high-profile controversies in New York State, Washington State and elsewhere.

VoteHere's Mail-in Ballot Tracker can track every ballot while completely protecting voter privacy. VoteHere can deliver this unique capability because of its patented VHTi technology, which enables comprehensive audit and data tracking, while protecting the integrity and privacy of individual data records. VoteHere's software source code is published on the company's website for public examination for unparalleled transparency and confidence.

"In this era where elections are so closely scrutinized, it is critical that our dedicated elections officials have the best audit tools to handle such scrutiny," said Jim Adler, founder and president of VoteHere. "Mail-in Ballot Tracker provides this vital audit tool."

Mail-in balloting is on the rise, especially on the west coast with Washington State voting 70% by mail, California voting 40% by mail, and Oregon voting 100% by mail. Earlier this year, the Washington State Legislature authorized counties to switch to voting exclusively by mail. Furthermore, this legislation encourages the use of ballot tracking audit technology to "determine if mail ballots were received and counted." Only VoteHere's Mail-in Ballot Tracker meets the intent of this law while protecting voter privacy.

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