Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

March 31, 2015 08:00 ET Top Elections Issues: Education and Healthcare

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 31, 2015) -

The following is a statement from PACT - Party for the Accountability Competency and Transparency, Canada's newest federally registered political party, in regards to the upcoming General Elections.

PACT (Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency) is Canada's newest federally registered political party, offering Canadians unprecedented access to government using Online Voting to assess public support for various policies of national interest. Technology allows the collection of millions of votes instantly, bringing more Accountability and Transparency to the political process. PACT proposes public debates and "online referendum"-style majority vote on issues such as sending our troops to wage wars abroad, human rights issues (abortion, euthanasia, legalizing marijuana or prostitution, banning religious attire etc. Such issues that concern all Canadians should not be left in the hands of a few politicians.

Canada's Conservative Government voted yesterday to extend Canada's military involvement in Iraq and Syria by one year despite the opposition from the Liberal and NDP parties. PACT voters have commented that the human and treasury cost of the military actions is unknown and comes at a time our economy is suffering and the federal budget is delayed because of economic uncertainties. There is significant opposition to government's actions outside of the parliament as well, but there is currently no formal process to engage voters at large in order to legitimize such significant actions. PACT invites all Canadian voters to express their support or opposition through comments and votes.

So far, those voters who made the effort to share their opinions do not support the war. The key arguments expressed on the website include the cost of military actions and the risks that our military personnel would be exposed to, as well as the increased risk of retaliation on Canadian soil. Moreover, voters have not been convinced that such actions will resolve the conflict in the Middle East. With a struggling economy and serious budgetary constraints especially in Healthcare and Education, many voters believe that Canada should not waste resources on wars but it should invest in free post-secondary education and increase healthcare funding instead.

Voters noted in their comments that it is remarkable how the government has no problem funding it's military actions without any restrictions or cost overrun concerns while the funding of essential government services such as education, healthcare, infrastructure, reducing poverty is always insufficient. PACT wows to let the voters set the priorities straight through online voting.

Michael Nicula, Founder: "We Canadians are very proud of our 'Universal Healthcare' system, comparing ourselves to USA which ranks very poorly. Canadians don't enjoy the same privileges across the provinces and they're treated as foreigners in their own country. The system is riddled with inefficiencies, waste, redundancies and there's a lot we can do to improve it. Similarly, the Education system is in need of reform and more funding. PACT believes that Canadians need and deserve a better education system affordable at all levels for students who perform well to be able to reach the highest levels of education. Meanwhile our government decided to spend enormous resources to wage a war of choice that has no clear objective or exit strategy at a time when the Bank of Canada governor warns of an "atrocious" economic first quarter this year".

Over the next few days PACT will continue to present "PACT for CANADA" - the political platform, which includes 40+ Issues that any Canadian voter to vote and comment upon. PACT is a non-partisan, equal-opportunity organization, welcoming every voter regardless of political views or affiliation.

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