Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

Online Party of Canada - PACT Party for Accountability Competency and Transparency

March 30, 2015 07:00 ET Top Issue for 2015 Elections: Economic Growth

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - March 30, 2015) - The following is a statement from PACT - Party for the Accountability Competency and Transparency, Canada's newest federally registered political party, in regards to the upcoming General Elections.

PACT has launched a new kind of political Platform: Participatory Democracy. All Canadian voters regardless of their political views or affiliation are invited to vote and comment but also to raise new issues that could potentially become part of the Platform in a classic grassroots, non-partisan manner. Over the last few years, some 40+ issues have been proposed and elevated through the virtue of debate and votes to become part of the Platform.

Michael Nicula, Founder: "PACT affirms that the Government has a duty to foster growth and prosperity by adopting fiscal policies that balance the budget, reduce the public debt, and stimulate job creation in a strong economy that relies more on creativity and productivity than on exploiting natural resources. The tax code has to be simplified and cleared of loopholes, making it more balanced and fair. The influence of large corporations and oligopolies over our political system must be contained for the benefit of the less fortunate".

Many Canadian voters have expressed their concern in regards to the growing national debt which will be left for future generations to pay. The federal government has delayed the budget well past deadlines and yet another deficit seems to be inevitable. The Canadian dollar has reached new lows and the weak manufacturing industry means that Canada cannot take full advantage of the weak currency by increasing exports. Instead of focusing on economy, the government is fully involved in war games abroad, seeking to extend Canada's military mission in Iraq and Syria which puts enormous pressure on the fragile economy. PACT voters call for legislating the balancing of the budget and diversifying Canada's economy to make is less dependent on natural resources (especially oil).

Another significant economic issue voters have discussed on is the tax system, which voters feel it has become increasingly complicated by tax loopholes introduced by lobby groups to benefit corporations and rich individuals. Indeed, Canadian corporations pay around half the tax the US corporations do, and even so the tax rate is very low, many corporations don't pay taxes at all, as CBC has shown recently. The complex tax code full of loopholes has put the low and middle classes in disadvantage and contributed greatly to bringing to Canada some of the biggest issues the world faces today: income inequality, poverty, discrepancies between rich and poor.

PACT supports a reform of the tax system to close the loopholes, enforce taxation, revise the tax rates for corporations and individual payers and make it fair for all Canadians.

Over the next few days PACT will continue to present "PACT for CANADA" - the political platform, which includes 40+ Issues that any Canadian voter to vote and comment upon. PACT is a non-partisan, equal-opportunity organization, welcoming every voter regardless of political views or affiliation.

PACT (Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency) is Canada's newest federally registered political party, offering Canadians unprecedented access to government using Online Voting to assess public support for various policies of national interest. PACT members believe that such grave and consequential issues such as taking our country to war should be subject to a national debate, not the privilege of a few politicians, subject to the lobby of the military industry, to decide upon. Technology allows the collection of millions of votes instantly, bringing more Accountability and Transparency to the political process.

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