November 10, 2010 15:42 ET

"Voter Emotions" Set Tone for US Political Agenda 2011

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwire - November 10, 2010) - AdSAM® the leader in measuring emotional response, today releases the SenseUs® poll, Emotional Temperatures® Index. The temperatures rank key issues emotionally from most positive and engaging to most negative. One hundred is average. The Emotional Temperatures in the Fall of 2010 are:

  • 169 -- Feelings about tax cuts to most Americans except those whose income is greater than $250,000 a year
  • 139 -- Feelings about employment potential in the next year
  • 134 -- Feelings about the prospect of things going well in the United States two years from now
  • 112 -- Feelings about the prospect of things going well in the United States one year from now
  • 101 -- Feelings about the Obama administration's economic plan
  • 100 -- Average Feelings
  • 87 -- Feelings about your ability to afford a major expense in the next 6 months 
  • 72 -- Feelings about making a major investment in the next 6 months
  • 72 -- Feelings about the rate of progress of economic recovery
  • 68 -- Feelings about the way things are going in the United States today
  • 46 -- Feelings about the current state of the United States economy

The complete report is available at

SenseUs® is the only omnibus survey that measures both rational AND EMOTIONAL reactions of Americans to current topics and issues, products, services and more. These polls are conducted by AdSAM, the leading worldwide provider of emotional response research. SenseUs offers a new approach to evaluating politics and key issues with the assessment of emotional response process.

SenseUs is managed by University of Florida Professor and AdSAM Director, Dr. Jon Morris. You may reach him at or .

About AdSAM
AdSAM has been applied in marketing and communications research for two decades. AdSAM is effective cross-culturally and has been used in over 600 proprietary studies worldwide and incorporated into research of many Fortune 500 companies. The nonverbal AdSAM® emotional response measure enables us to understand and assess emotional connections, motivators, needs and barriers that factor into the market.

About SenseUs®
Since the fall of 2007, SenseUs® has offered a new approach to polling. Utilizing AdSAM®, the foremost measure of emotion response, SenseUs assesses the feelings of the public and links their emotional reactions to their thoughts.

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