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September 13, 2011 00:01 ET

voyurl Launches First 'Feedback-Free' Recommendation Engine at DEMO Fall 2011

Innovative voyurl Recycles "Data Exhaust" -- and Puts It to Work

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwire - Sep 13, 2011) - voyurl ( has announced the launch of its groundbreaking "feedback-free" recommendation engine at the DEMO Fall 2011 Conference, held today through Thursday at the Silicon Valley Hyatt Regency. With its free public beta, voyurl's innovation recycles a user's "data exhaust" to help them discover more of what they love on the web -- without any extra work.

Similar to how fitbit,, and nike+ help users quantify, track and get recommendations on such daily life activities as exercise or managing money, voyurl's browser plugin and web app help users quantify their online browsing habits -- and help them discover new content they'll like.

Make Your Browsing History Work for You
"We've told the internet everything there is to know about ourselves -- profiles, preferences, ratings, reviews, surveys, questionnaires, oaths, connections -- all of this active feedback we provide online, yet services and platforms still get us wrong," says Adam Leibsohn, Founder & CEO of voyurl. "voyurl uses implicit data -- a user's browsing behavior -- to power everything. With it, users can get much more out of their own behavior and favorite content."

Billed as the first "feedback-free" discovery engine, voyurl's philosophy is that users already do all the clicking -- let the engine do all the work. For example, browsing a sneaker blog? voyurl can help dig up the best pairs on sale. At the same time, it uses a person's online behavior to fuel personal analytics that help them learn how they use the web. voyurl requires no active maintenance, is constantly self-adjusting, understands what users have seen versus what they haven't, identifies categories of interest, and essentially operates in the background as a robust behavioral monitor.

Digital DNA, Personal Analytics and 100% Private
Much like scientists who are able to sequence digital DNA, voyurl figures out what makes users laugh on the web, what intrigues them, and what gets them excited by analyzing online browsing patterns to find other ways that they'll love the web. Privacy is key, too, since voyurl is only interested in how users browse -- not who they are. The application doesn't require access to social networks, contacts, or sharing information with other users.

"It's like a private version of Google Analytics, made just for you and only about you," says Co-Founder & CTO Mike Khristo. "We wrap up the trends hiding in your online behavior and give that information back to you in easy-to-understand and fun-to-play-with ways. Users can explore interactive charts, graphs and complex visuals that reveal interesting insights about how they use the web."

"voyurl gets smarter about information and behavior that no other platform has access to: you," says Matt Marshall, executive producer, DEMO. "These facets allow voyurl to help users discover the most important content on the web that's most relevant to them at exactly the right time, without the need to take any extra action online."

About voyurl
We're a just a few people who have a few simple beliefs. We believe that data should be in the hands of those who generate it -- not in the hands of those who sell it. And, we believe that technology should do more for us while asking less of us.

On the basis of those two fundamental beliefs, we challenged ourselves to build a system unlike any other before it; a system that makes your data work for you while making you do practically nothing. Our goal is to help you understand and appreciate your data so that when the time comes, we can literally empower you with it.

Our first step along this path is to offer a user-driven application that allows you to tap into the data you create every day: your browsing history. voyurl recycles your browsing history to help you discover cool, new stuff on the web about the things you love without making you do a thing... literally. Just browse like you always do; we'll do the rest.

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