August 02, 2007 08:00 ET

VP of IDGLOBAL Guest Speaker at Recent International Crime Prevention Conference

High Ranking Members of Interpol Confirm at Conference That Global Counterfeit Rings Responsible for Funding Terrorist and Organized Crime Activities

KELOWNA, BC--(Marketwire - August 2, 2007) - IDGLOBAL Corp.'s (PINKSHEETS: IDGJ) Phil Viggiani recently participated as a guest speaker at the recent Interpol/RCMP International Crime Prevention Conference held in Niagara Falls last month (July-2007). Viggiani was invited to speak at the three-day forum as an accredited source of information on selective measures -- including anti-counterfeiting technologies -- that are designed to combat diversion of funds from consumer goods channels for organized crime and terrorist activities.

According to the international police organization Interpol, there is increasing evidence over the past few years that terrorist activities, as well as the activities of large organized crime syndicates, are being funded by the sale of counterfeit and diverted goods, worldwide. In fact, this problem is being called a "massive concern" for the international law enforcement community. By being able to identify and dismantle global counterfeiting rings, it is possible to have a significant impact on terrorist funding globally.

IDGLOBAL has spent significant resources on developing technology parameters that will enable law enforcement to track, protect and mark everything from munitions and consumer goods, to currency, identification cards and securitized documents. The successful implementation of IDGLOBAL's technologies and programs will significantly aid, both directly and indirectly, the global fight against terrorism and crime. To augment its marketing efforts, IDGLOBAL has developed key relationships with various agencies, both Government and private, to place the Company in front of the right audience -- such as the international law enforcement factions present at this conference last month.

IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Tags™ allow for the unequivocal tagging and identification of nearly all consumer goods. When these tags are utilized globally, the widespread sale and distribution of counterfeit products could be greatly inhibited, essentially diverting and eliminating proceeds that would have previously been earmarked for terror and organized crime groups.

IDGLOBAL's position is that if participating countries were to mark incoming and outgoing cargo, in order to verify authenticity throughout the global delivery process, much of the global scourge and problems associated with counterfeit goods could be eliminated at this level. The Company's Nano-Molecular Markers and Tags cannot be visually seen, as the inorganic marker is a minimal parts per million code that can only be detected by those aware of the specific molecular code used and that have access to the scanning process needed to verify the tag.

IDGLOBAL's markers also provide for the unequivocal identification and tracking of classified items such as munitions, currencies and securitized paper. The protection and authentication of these items is essential and invaluable to both the government and private sector. IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers™ have been designed to provide verification even where intense heat has destroyed a document, or an explosive charge has resulted in the destruction of the item in question.

To facilitate the Company's development and testing of its technologies for certain classified areas, IDGLOBAL's primary laboratory facility has been approved by the Canadian government as a "Secure Facility." The principals of IDGLOBAL also have high-level government clearance allowing for these secure research and development activities.

President of IDGLOBAL, Daryl Regier, stated: "Assisting the various international and domestic agencies in winning the war on terror and crime is a priority for IDGLOBAL. Over the past ten years hundreds of millions of dollars derived from the sale of counterfeit goods have been funneled to these nefarious and illegal organizations. IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers™ detection system is one of the few systems available today that can immediately and effectively thwart much of this activity. Several Interpol, the RCMP, and Intellectual Property enforcement agencies indicated that IDGLOBAL's anti-counterfeiting solutions, if and when implemented on a substantial scale, would assist in seriously impacting the flow of illegal goods for criminal intent."

"IDGLOBAL is also one of the few publicly-traded companies where 100% of its deliverables and energies are dedicated to anti-counterfeiting, loss prevention and anti-theft technologies," added Regier.

About IDGLOBAL Corp.:

IDGLOBAL Corp. ( is comprised of two primary operating divisions, its Nano-Molecular Markers / Tags™ used in Anti-Counterfeiting Applications, and its IDFORENSIX™ products utilized in Corporate Loss Prevention. The combined Anti-Counterfeiting and Loss Prevention markets are currently estimated to be $800 billion industries, worldwide.

IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers™ are the equivalent of taking the laboratory into the field and providing a verifiable answer as to a products authenticity in a matter of seconds by utilizing proprietary Nano-Molecular Markers™ and handheld scanning technologies. IDGLOBAL provides its Nano-Molecular Markers™ on a global basis and can easily be applied to product runs into the hundreds of millions of units at a cost of a fraction of a penny per unit. IDGLOBAL has established a multi-year track record of aiding in the protection of intellectual property, corporate assets and brand-name goods for major companies across North America.

The IDFORENSIX™ product lines are specifically geared towards loss prevention or corporate asset protection of assets such as tools, equipment up to and including fine art work. Much of corporate losses are due to internal and invasive theft. Applications for these forensic markers include everything from retail theft by consumers and/or employees to the larger problem of theft in distribution systems and warehouses. The IDGLOBAL, IDFORENSIX products mark, protect and identify merchandise and/or equipment to protect against theft. Literally, truckloads of product are stolen from companies that have very few options in proving and finding their stolen merchandise. Whether boxes of music CDs or high gauge and expensive electrical wire literally removed from power grid systems, it all amounts to billions of dollars in theft and loss. IDFORENSIX products can also mark and protect everything from oil and gas and mining equipment where millions of dollars of field equipment and tools goes missing to forensically marking dozens, hundreds or even thousands of laptop computers in office environments. The IDFORENSIX markers cannot be removed or tampered with once applied and provide a long term and unequivocal ability for an organization to mark, protect and recover stolen articles and merchandise.

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