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February 05, 2010 14:00 ET

VRSim Debuts SimSpray™ Augmented Reality Spray Painting Training System

EAST HARTFORD, CT--(Marketwire - February 5, 2010) -  SimSpray™, a new augmented reality training system from VRSim, will debut in booth #1015 at the 2010 Paint and Coatings Expo (PACE) in Phoenix, Arizona.

SimSpray is a training appliance created to augment traditional spray coating skills training. Designed to simulate the painting process, the student selects a work piece, paint color, and air pressure settings on the touch screen monitor. The user dons a custom helmet that shows a three dimensional virtual rendering of the work piece in an augmented reality environment. With a modified high-volume/low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun in hand, the user can adjust the spray pattern, trigger the gun, and begin to apply the first coat of virtual paint.

At the end of each coat, SimSpray provides a performance assessment of key factors such as stand-off distance, orientation, and travel speed. This includes mil build, the amount of paint applied, the amount of paint wasted, and an estimated cost savings.

Matthew Wallace, President and CEO of VRSim, said, "SimSpray shows that we can achieve an exceptional level of realism with a cost effective and environmentally friendly training tool. The simulation is fully customizable to specific customer needs. Everything can be programmed from viscosity of the coating to the objects being painted. The simulation can be easily integrated by the customer into their existing curriculum."

SimSpray is a booth-in-a-box that will allow schools and businesses that do not have the funds or floor space for a spray paint booth to teach fundamental spraying techniques to students. "We have built SimSpray to be as flexible as possible. It is designed to reproduce real life situations, allowing students to paint 3D objects as they would at their place of business," said Wallace. SimSpray has the added advantage of being a completely portable system to make it easier to train at different locations.

By reducing the need for materials and eliminating hazardous waste and air emissions, SimSpray keeps the costs of training programs down. SimSpray students get more practice and learn proper techniques faster, the result of which is higher quality coatings and reduced rework.

VRSim's other products include the SimWelder™, which powers the VRTEX™ 360 virtual reality welding trainer from The Lincoln Electric Company®.

SimSpray is a low cost solution starting under $20,000 per unit (educational and volume discounts apply). VRSim and the SimSpray system will be at PACE, Monday, February 8 through Wednesday, February 10, in booth #1015.

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