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March 19, 2007 09:30 ET

VShield Software Corp. Announces Development of Personality Algorithm

VShield Software Corp. Simplifies Identity Theft Detection

DOVER, DE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 19, 2007 -- VShield Software Corp. (PINKSHEETS: VSHD), a design, marketing and software distribution company providing advanced security software systems to both the retail and institutional markets, today announced that work on the new "Personality Algorithm" has started.

In today's world, billions of dollars per hour flow through retail, banking, brokerage houses and credit card processing facilities without anyone ever knowing their clients or any way to recognize abnormalities in the transactions associated with them. The present method of relying on passwords, pins and simple questions through which the information is readily available, is flawed. The seemingly foolproof systems have allowed billions to be stolen by the simple methods that target all walks of life. Hidden cameras to pick up pins, pilshing web sites which steal information, double credit card swipes, fake bank ATM readers or even looking over ones shoulder have and continued to serve the thieves well.

The new algorithm will allow the guardians at the gate of commerce to know their clients by their best method available, their own actions. What you buy, how you buy it, where you buy it, when you buy it, in what combinations and under what conditions can instantly help identify the purchaser. How fast you type your pin, whether you have already purchased that laptop recently, whether or not you have children, do you normally buy that type of stock and where you live can figure into the equations. In general life and the people in it are historically predictable therefore their actions, timing and general life choices are also a series of events that can be analyzed and charted and predicted. This algorithm will allow high speed transactions to be far more secure and spot misuse far faster and more accurate.

"This new program will learn to know your clients better than they know themselves, help you spot major lifestyle changes and protect them from harm, day and night. Trends, changes, statistics and customer service will all be greatly improved with this AI database. For other agencies like Homeland Security, the program would be able to be tailored to look for sequential purchases that, on their own or in concert, that would be of interest.

"Customers will have the security of knowing that this program will be out there watching out and stopping identity theft, your credit card information from being used improperly, stolen checks from being altered or passed or strangers interfering with your life. We will watch for them, track them, find them and put an end to their activities, whether it is at your bank, debit machine, grocery on the Internet or a world away," Patrick Burke stated, Chief Technical Officer of VShield Software Corp.

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The company designs, produces, markets and sells leading edge computer security software programs that feature advanced software development and technologies that are superior to other products on the market. All of the Company's security systems are based on previously proven and field tested, large commercial security systems. These systems are based on hiding, disguising and encrypting various levels of files maintained on a computer such that an intruder is unable to obtain information from a desired file. This is unlike existing "firewall" systems now on the market which are focused on keeping intruders from gaining unauthorized entry to a computer. Where applicable, products are patent and copyright protected in both Canada and the United States.

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