February 20, 2013 10:00 ET

VSquare/R: New Patented Energy Saver

NORTH KINGSTOWN, RI--(Marketwire - Feb 20, 2013) - VSquare/R (V2/R) has recently released a white paper authored by its CoFounders, which highlights their patented technologies for reducing power consumption called Cycle Saver™. The paper describes in detail how most equipment is designed to operate from a wide voltage range of 95 to 135 volts because of fluctuations in the power source. 

There is an inherent waste of power in operating equipment at a voltage higher than its design voltage. At high line voltages excess power is drawn, and equipment that can operate over a range of voltages is more expensive to manufacture, since equipment is designed for a line voltage of 85 to 135 volts for an additional safety buffer. Equipment operating at a voltage of only 10% higher than necessary can waste 20% of the power consumed. Larger variances can waste upward of 40% of the power.

The paper describes in detail how the patented technology functions in reducing power consumption to most devices and equipment by regulating the RMS voltage delivered. It is based on a "Cycle Saver" technology that periodically eliminates a half cycle of the line voltage. For resistive and inductive loads, a switch disconnects the load from the utility line to eliminate a half cycle when the current is at zero, and reconnects when the line voltage is zero. For capacitive loads the disconnect switch opens and closes when the voltage is zero. EMI is eliminated by low switching noise at frequencies below 180 Hz.

The amount of disconnects determines the RMS load voltage. The greater the number of disconnects per second, the lower the RMS load voltage. The time interval between disconnects can also be set by a microcontroller. The Cycle Saver converts an unknown and variable utility voltage to a lower, accurate, clean, stable voltage with zero energy wasted. Energy is saved and efficiency approaches 100 percent. And, the exact correct power is delivered to the equipment.

To get a copy of the paper about energy conservation and to learn about exclusive licensing opportunities, please visit the website of VSquare/R (V2/R) at The paper can be found at the "Regulating RMS Voltage" tab as a pop-up titled "Technical Description."

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