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February 26, 2013 13:00 ET

VSS Monitoring Unveils the Broadest Offering of Network Packet Broker Functionality for Enterprise Network Security and Compliance

Demonstrating at RSA Conference 2013, New vBroker™ Capabilities Deliver Elasticity, Scalability, and Automation to Security Appliances on Enterprise Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 26, 2013) - RSA Conference 2013 Booth Number 2147) -- VSS Monitoring, a leader in network packet brokers (NPBs), today announced that it will unveil and demonstrate new and differentiated NPB capabilities which deliver the industry's only fabric-system approach for enhancing global visibility and operational automation for both network security in-line appliances and monitoring systems on enterprise networks.

Demonstrating this week at the RSA Conference 2013 in San Francisco in VSS Monitoring's booth number 2147, its vBroker™ Series product family uniquely gives customers network-wide link-layer visibility and access to a broad set of network security in-line appliances and monitoring systems, making the systems significantly more efficient and yielding higher ROI. The growing number of network security systems required for today's increasingly complex networks results in major provisioning and operational challenges, including limited network visibility and automation, major capital costs due to deployment silos, and complex network upgrades that impact existing security system speeds and effectiveness to combat today's multi-layered cyber attacks.

New vProtector® Solution: New for RSA, the unique active inline capabilities of the vProtector solution are now available on the vBroker Series. With vProtector now on vBroker platforms, organizations optimize active inline security applications and layered security architectures. The solution provides failsafe capability for each network link segment to ensure no interruption to inline network traffic in case of power loss, and allows manual on-demand bypass when in operation to keep security tools up and running. A manual PowerSafe override control is also now available, providing a single pane for operations technicians to manually control the open, closed, and normal operation of network links when making changes to a network or their monitoring infrastructure, adding control to a network security organization.

"Enterprises are challenged with ensuring continuous security tool performance and threat mitigation, and look to VSS Monitoring to support the latest set of new security tools and services that protect data, mitigate loss of control due to cloud and mobility initiatives, and ensure compliance," said Gordon Beith, Director of Product Marketing at VSS Monitoring. "We are excited to unveil these new capabilities and demonstrate to RSA attendees how they can ensure complete visibility into their security tool performance in real time, maximizing ROI on these security investments and best protecting their networks."

New vInspector® SSL Appliance: VSS Monitoring's vInspector SSL appliance is also now integrated with VSS Monitoring's NPBs to deliver expanded network traffic coverage directly to security and monitoring tools. The vInspector SSL appliances solve a variety of security-related IT challenges -- including providing visibility into SSL encrypted network traffic, expanding network traffic coverage for data accessed by monitoring and security tools, identifying security or regulatory compliance risks in SSL encrypted traffic, accelerating the time to diagnose performance problems and security incidents, and making sure CAPEX and OPEX costs scale as the network grows.

New DPI-Finder Application: Finally, with the new VSS Monitoring DPI-Finder application, VSS Monitoring can perform large-scale filtering of network traffic using advanced deep packet inspection (DPI) in the data payload or anywhere in the packet. The traffic flows matching specified regular expression search patterns are forwarded to network security, monitoring, analysis and recording tools, increasing tool efficiency by recovering processing cycles that were previously spent on deep packet inspection. Once a packet matches one of the rules, all subsequent packets in that flow are forwarded to the specified tool while unmatched traffic is dropped. DPI-Finder forwards only matched traffic flows of interest to the specified tool, ensuring maximum security performance.

VSS Monitoring's vBroker™ 200 and vBroker™ 300 NPB appliances expand the capacity and interface flexibility of its packet broker solutions while delivering the industry's richest set of features, including traffic filtering/grooming and offloading of packet processing to increase tool system capacity and efficiency. The vBroker 300 Series provides the industry's highest capacity in a 1RU format -- 560 Gbps -- and up to 56 ports per appliance, while the vBroker 200 Series provides the flexibility of a modular chassis in compact 1RU or 2RU form factors.

Availability and Pricing
Available today, pricing starts at $27,500 for the vBroker Series with updated capabilities. For more information, see

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