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November 19, 2013 09:00 ET

Vu Digital Unveils Radical New Approach to Personalized Content for Newspapers, Retailers and Other Verticals

Why Send Users to Google When Your Content Can Find Them? Vu Finder Learns and Grows With the Customer to Deliver What Each Wants to See, Experience, and Purchase

RIDGELAND, MS--(Marketwired - Nov 19, 2013) - Vu Digital today launched Vu Finder, the first service to deliver personalized content direct to the customer without the inconvenience of search engine technology or the invasiveness of "cookies." A revolutionary breakthrough in Big Data, Vu Finder empowers newspapers, retailers and other verticals to boost profits by offering the exact content and products that customers want -- all from a company's own site.

Vu Finder combines the concepts of the "personal newspaper" and "personal shopper," using easy-to-install widgets that customize a company's website to deliver targeted content sync'd with precisely matched product offers. Now available at, the cloud-based recommendation engine works in "real time" to learn, find and deliver the exact content desired by the customer, and is scalable to support millions of customers simultaneously.

"Vu Finder is the first content engine to tailor a uniquely customized experience for the user, without the use of 'cookies' or other invasive technologies associated with search," said B. Wade Smith, Vu Digital Vice President of Operations.

Because Vu Finder creates a unique, dedicated channel for each consumer, it represents a powerful vehicle for marketing/advertising with the potential for unprecedented conversion rates.

"Vu attempts to deliver the initial promise of the Internet; companies now have the ability to create a personal Web experience that cements strong relationships with customers based on the unique value of content delivered," Smith added. "As customers grow and change, Vu Finder learns and evolves with them, demonstrating the ability to anticipate individual purchasing decisions and adapt to rapid shifts in the marketplace."

How Vu Finder Works

The latest innovation to leverage the promise of Big Data, Vu Finder uses advanced analytics to build a profile of each user based on the types of content he or she has demonstrated behaviors of viewing and preferring. Profiles are generated and grown with the permission and cooperation of each customer, and protected to ensure the privacy of the individual.

Going beyond historic knowledge of the user, Vu Finder applies predictive analytics to assess and score factors that determine what the customer will most likely want to view both near term and in the future -- strong indicators of potential purchasing ideal for targeted advertising that can fuel higher conversion rates.

Vu Finder uses proprietary natural language processing to distill content and determine the full context and meaning of an article or product. Natural language selection acts as a key phrase engine to perform comment and sentiment analysis that identifies and scores personal preferences.

Reviving the Newspaper Industry -- and Boosting Growth for Retail

Vu Finder offers the potential to drive the customer experience and financial performance of all sectors ranging from healthcare to financial services, manufacturing and retail, and is relevant to any industry that wants better targeted online advertising for higher conversion rates.

Print media provides a prime example. The newspaper industry, under severe economic pressure from Web-based competition, mobility and smart devices, may use Vu Finder to execute a rapid turnaround -- and augment or even replace subscriber pay walls with targeted content that drives sales. In addition, newspapers could sell targeted advertising for products and services that closely match trending stories.

"Personalization could well prove to be the salvation of newsprint, and we are already in close discussions with major newspaper chains interested in this opportunity," said Allison Talley, Senior Manager of Product Development. "The appeal is immediately transparent. Rather than 'gate' access to content, newspapers can use Vu Finder to create uniquely personalized experiences that ramp-up viewership and ad revenue -- free of paywalls that turn away potential customers."

About Vu Digital

Vu Digital, an affiliate of C Spire Wireless, is the innovator behind Vu Finder, the world's first cloud-based recommendation engine using predictive analytics and natural language processing to deliver uniquely personalized content to the individual.

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