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April 30, 2007 08:30 ET

Vue Technology Takes Item-Level RFID on the Road With a Complete Mobile Platform

Mobile Version of the TrueVUE RFID Platform Opens New Opportunities for RFID Including Vendor Managed Inventory, Remote Tagging and Promotions Compliance

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 30, 2007 -- RFID Journal Live 2007 -- Vue Technology, the leading provider of RFID networking and item-level solutions, today unveiled another breakthrough by announcing a completely mobile version of its enterprise class TrueVUE RFID Platform. By delivering the core capabilities of the TrueVUE RFID Platform in a mobile offering, Vue Technology is enabling RFID to deliver tangible value into new solution areas. For example, manufacturers and retailers can now leverage item-level RFID to streamline vendor managed inventory, remote tagging and promotions compliance.

"Traditional RFID infrastructures are well-suited for deployment in fixed locations such as retail, distribution and manufacturing sites," noted Robert Locke, CEO of Vue Technology. "With TrueVUE Mobile, we are providing a complete RFID platform that can serve different locations on different days, enabling the use of RFID across a broader range of environments and application areas."

Until now, item level RFID applications were reliant upon fixed RFID infrastructure such as dock door, portals, fixed readers and the software to run the systems. Even with the integration of "mobile read points" (provided by handheld readers and mobile carts), the read points have required a connection to a permanent RFID and network infrastructure, restricting their use to fixed environments.

With TrueVUE Mobile, not only will customers have a robust application for handheld and mobile devices, but all of the necessary RFID software functionality typically available only in fixed RFID implementations can now be installed and used on a standard Windows-based laptop. The TrueVUE Mobile platform will communicate directly with an RFID-enabled handheld through the laptop's 802.11g wireless connection without requiring the laptop to have any link to a corporate network or the Internet connection. By eliminating the need for fixed infrastructure and network connectivity, mobile workforces can now become truly RFID enabled.

By leveraging Vue Technology's enterprise application functionality, once the laptop is connected to a network, the RFID data gathered while offline can be aggregated and managed by Vue's centralized management software, providing visibility of the RFID data across the enterprise.

"TrueVUE Mobile represents a significant advancement in RFID technology," added Tim von Kaenel, SVP Product Management & Business Development. "By delivering the functionality of a proven item level RFID infrastructure on a standard laptop and RFID-enabled handheld, we are leveling the playing field for manufacturers and retailers, making item-level visibility more accessible, convenient and affordable to a much broader market."

The TrueVUE Mobile solution will open up new application areas for RFID such as enabling manufacturers' field sales representatives to quickly gain inventory visibility at distribution and retail sites. With this visibility, manufacturers, distributors and retailers alike will benefit from improved on floor availability, increased operational efficiencies, reduced shrinkage, increased store orders and improved customer relations.

Another critical feature of TrueVUE Mobile is the support for RFID tagging in remote locations, whether for exception-based tagging, tagging across distributed sites or special promotions tagging.

The TrueVUE Mobile solution can be tailored to an individual customer's needs, with the base offering including:

--  TrueVUE Site Manager -- Licensed to support up to 2 local RFID devices
    (RFID Handheld, RFID Printer, etc).
--  TrueVUE Essentials Reports -- Including inventory count, misplaced
    items, replenishment, out of stock, and expired items reporting.
--  TrueVUE Essentials Tagging -- Module to support remote tagging of
    products and assets.
--  TrueVUE Essentials Mobile -- Complete workflow suite for handheld
--  TrueVUE Commissioning -- Local license to generate and manage RFID
    numbers used in tag writing.
TrueVUE Mobile is on display now through May 3 in the Avery Dennison booth (# 812) at RFID Journal LIVE! 2007 in Orlando. The product will ship at the end of Q2 with pricing starting at $6,995.

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Vue Technology is the leading provider of item-level RFID solutions, offering breakthrough RFID infrastructure components and a powerful software suite that delivers the most scalable, reliable, and ROI-driven RFID solutions on the market. Vue's TrueVUE™ RFID Platform provides the industry's only unified RFID infrastructure that allows customers to manage dock doors, portals, mobile devices, smart surfaces and smart shelves to achieve RFID visibility down to the item-level.

With its patented RF Networking devices and UHF enabled VUEPoints™, Vue allows standard readers to network across thousands of antennas, exponentially increasing the number of zones that readers can support and dramatically reducing the cost barriers previously associated with item-level RFID roll-outs. Combined with an integrated software suite for device and network management, EPC commissioning, and RFID workflows, the TrueVUE™ RFID Platform is uniquely able to deliver significant and measurable ROI to its customers. For more information, visit

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