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July 13, 2011 09:00 ET

Vulcan GMS Offers Customers Multiple Ways to Save When Buying Radiation-Protection Components

MILWAUKEE, WI--(Marketwire - Jul 13, 2011) - Vulcan GMS, Inc. (, a supplier of custom-made lead products, has published a six-point checklist describing ways to reduce the cost of purchasing radiation shielding. "The first way to get significant savings is to specify a lead alloy," said Tom Ray, President of Vulcan GMS. "By a wide margin, lead delivers the best balance of low cost, high performance and material workability. No other material even comes close."

Ray said safety concerns about lead present few challenges to organizations with deep expertise in handling, processing, safely encapsulating and recycling lead materials. "Non-experts may have problems. Experts don't."

"The second way to save on x-ray protection components is to avoid over-designing," said Ray. "This is an area that may require a shift in thinking in a customer's engineering department. Design engineers who spend a limited amount of time working on components for lead shielding sometimes resolve complicated design issues by over-engineering. This can be a decision that adds unnecessary cost to the final product. Over-engineering translates into increased raw material, transportation and installation expenses as well as longer manufacturing time. Subsequent maintenance and repair costs can also be unfavorably affected by poorly designed parts."

According to Ray, customers seeking the highest value stop after identifying the radiation levels and the area where the x-ray shielding must be placed, leaving the design of the shielding products to Vulcan. "We know the science, industry standards and government regulations surrounding lead and radiation-protection products, so we can provide an optimal manufacturing solution. Once radiation safety is achieved, an over-engineered part adds no extra margin of safety, only extra cost."

Vulcan's checklist "Six Ways to Save When Buying Radiation Protection Components" is available for downloading on the company's website. (Click here.)

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Vulcan Global Manufacturing Solutions is a leader in custom-made radiation protection products manufactured from lead, tungsten, high-density plastics and non-lead metal polymers. ISO 9001/2008 registered, Vulcan GMS is a provider of components and assemblies for some of the world's largest equipment companies. The company specializes in the medical, security, aviation and explosives industries.

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