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March 14, 2007 12:30 ET

VX30 Voted #1 Video Streaming Technology by University Study

LAHAINA, HI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 14, 2007 -- In a recent study among five major streaming video technologies currently available, VX30 was voted #1. VX30 is a player-less, Java-based, cross-platform software application that takes digital files and converts them into a format ready to be streamed from any standard HTTP web server. Different from their competitors, VX30 requires no downloading, installing or upgrading of different media players, which can be costly, complicated, time consuming and frustrating. VX30 videos can be viewed from any Java-enabled web browser running on any host including Solaris, Linux, OS X, and Windows workstations.

Dr. Edgar Huang, lead author of the August 2006 study, states, "Our study shows that VX30 has the best potential to become an ideal technology for video streaming... it is the number one streaming technology."* VX30 was created with the Corporate Enterprise, Healthcare and Education sectors in mind. Kevin Roebuck, Market Development Manager for e-Learning & Libraries at Sun Microsystems states, "Our education customers continually tell us that effective e-Learning is about bringing student, teacher and content together in a vibrant interactive community. VX30's Live Broadcast and Video-on-Demand 'player-less' solutions, built in Java and delivered in scale on Solaris, are creating the next-generation learning paradigm."

Some of the key features include:

--  Easy to Use, Player-Less Viewing - Player-like capability, with no
    media player to download or maintain on a user's computer.
--  Scalability/Server Technology - VX30 does not require specialized
    server configurations or software to operate which helps save money, time
    and effort. VX30 video files reside on-demand on the server and are linked
    to web pages just like a .JPEG or .GIF file.
--  Digital Rights Management - VX30 video files are enveloped in a secure
    format and can only be opened by a key created with the web site's
    qualified domain name.
--  Patented Technology - VX30 holds the patent to "Player-Less"
    streaming.  For more information visit USPTO and search US Patent
About VX30

With headquarters in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, VX30 has been integral in advancing the world of player-less streaming media. As a new Sun Microsystems Partner, VX30's Java-based platform looks to be a universal leader in the streaming media software community. For more information, please visit

Link to University Study - *"Searching for An Ideal Streaming Technology" ( by Dr. Edgar Huang

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