March 03, 2010 15:01 ET

VYCON to Showcase Clean Energy Storage Systems at Data Center World

Innovative Flywheel Systems Give Data Center Managers a Green Solution to Power Backup

LOS ANGELES CA--(Marketwire - March 3, 2010) -  VYCON (, a designer and manufacturer of environmentally friendly, high-speed energy storage flywheel systems, today announced its participation in AFCOM's Data Center World conference being held in Nashville, Tennessee, March 7 -11, 2010. During the conference, in exhibit booth number 342, VYCON will discuss how implementing clean energy storage systems protect critical computing and IT assets and helps data center managers deploy a green protection solution that significantly increases the reliability and uptime of connected systems.

"Today, data center and facility managers have many considerations when it comes to increasing energy efficiencies and reducing one's carbon footprint," said Frank DeLattre, president of VYCON. "The challenge becomes how to implement green technologies without disrupting high nine's of availability and achieve a low total cost of ownership (TCO). This challenge becomes even more crucial when looking at the power protection infrastructure. Our flywheel systems answer this challenge by providing very cost-effective power reliability while helping to further our customer's green initiatives."

Data centers, hospitals and other mission-critical operations where energy efficiency, costs, space and environmental impact are concerns are taking advantage of the benefits of VYCON's flywheel systems. This green energy storage technology solves sophisticated power problems that challenge computing operations every day. According to the Meta Group, the cost of downtime can average a million dollars per hour for a typical data center. Flywheels used with three-phase double-conversion uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) provide reliable mission-critical protection against costly transients, harmonics, voltage sags, spikes and blackouts.

Recently named one of the 2010 Hot Companies by Network Products Guide, VYCON is leading the market in providing unsurpassed power protection to critical operations around the world.


VYCON is an innovator in the design and manufacturing of technologically advanced flywheel energy storage systems that enable a highly reliable, cost-effective and "green" energy storage solution for a variety of applications. The company's REGEN flywheel systems, used in regenerative power applications such as container cargo handling crane applications and light electric rail, reduce power and energy costs to port and rail operators as well as provide a reduction in green house gasses.

Key to VYCON's flywheel superiority and dependability is its ability to discharge and recharge very quickly when called upon during power outages. VYCON's fleet of VDC, VDC-XE and REGEN systems have logged a record million-plus discharge and recharge cycles -- in very demanding applications that oftentimes call on the VYCON systems to discharge and recharge every two minutes. For more information on VYCON's innovative green power solutions, contact VYCON at 714-386-3800 or visit VYCON's web site at:

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