SOURCE: Vyper Adamas, Inc

June 23, 2015 01:12 ET

Vyper Adamas Ramps Up Production of Tactical Ultra Light Vehicles (TUL-V)

CARSON CITY, NV--(Marketwired - June 23, 2015) - Vyper Adamas, Inc. ramps up production of their V3 and V4 Tactical Ultra Light Vehicles (TUL-V). Vyper Adamas, Inc. is a private company with 40 years of off-road experience. "We have some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. Vyper Adamas are the Experts in Tactical Ultra Light Vehicles. Our company has revolutionize off-road, rough terrain transport for military, security, and emergency response teams. Fast and adaptable to multiple applications with proprietary POD technology. Tested and proven durable and reliable in multiple environments Vyper provides universal mobility solutions for local to national government agencies," said CEO Nicholas Chapman.

"We are excited to be able to offer an Ultra-light Vyper product to the private sector," said CEO Nicholas Chapman. "This is a big leap forward for the commercial community to have access to such a versatile affordable vehicle. We know these vehicles will be an asset for Homeland Security, FEMA, Oil Exploration, Mining, EMS, First Responders, Agriculture, Search and Rescue, amongst others."

V3 & V4 offers a smooth ride with extreme performance acceleration in a lightweight design capable of speeds exceeding 120 mph+ over off-road terrain. Performance capabilities include climbing and traversing steep gradients safely and at high speeds, as well as on and off-road travel through various rough and unknown terrain. Vyper's vehicles are fully customizable. They have the option to have no body, a body, or a 7.62NIJ III⁺ Armor option. The vehicles have different engine options. Customers can choose a Duramax Diesel or a Dodge Turbo diesel with Tier 6 smog certification (the highest level available).

The vehicles use True COTS (Commercial off the Shelf parts) allowing you to go to a Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet dealership for parts for repairs and maintenance. "You are not hostage to proprietary parts for the repair of the vehicles. The easy access and immediate availability will allow a greater reduction in maintenance costs and down time," said Chapman.

The vehicle is extremely robust and has been tested by the Army at Fort Bragg. It underwent some of the most grueling testing in June 2014. It was able to ford 44 inches of water without a fording kit.

"The Vyper team will facilitate application for any local or state government agency applying for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) non-disaster grants and DHS (Department of Homeland Security) grants," said Shane Sterling, President. "We are here to help facilitate a seamless experience for each and every client."

Federal preparedness grants support first responders in state disasters. Vyper Adamas vehicles provide first responders a modular vehicle with high mobility in forest fires, tornados, floods, mud slides and hurricanes to conduct search and rescue.

Vyper Adamas has been a leader in off-road design for over 40 years. Our highly skilled professionals equipped with years of industry experience, coupled with our cutting-edge technologies, make substantive and long-term differences to all of our clients. Vyper Adamas is headquartered in Carson City, Nevada.