WABCO Holdings Inc.

WABCO Holdings Inc.

November 29, 2011 07:00 ET

WABCO Marks Another Industry First for Advanced Safety Technology in China as Part of Contract With Yutong, World's Largest Manufacturer of Buses

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM--(Marketwire - Nov. 29, 2011) - WABCO Holdings Inc. (NYSE:WBC) (www.wabco-auto.com), a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, will supply its Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) to Yutong in China, the world's largest manufacturer of buses, as part of an expanded long-term agreement to furnish advanced safety technologies. It marks the first adoption of ACC technology on a commercial vehicle in the Chinese market.

Series production will start in the first quarter of 2012 with WABCO ACC as a standard feature on Yutong's range of high-end buses, which includes luxury, intercity, urban, light and hybrid electric buses. Yutong buses are in service in 27 countries.

WABCO's ACC automatically adjusts the vehicle's speed to maintain a preset distance to the moving vehicle ahead. It reacts with acoustic and visual warning, engine control and, if necessary, partial braking. It improves vehicle safety as well as driver effectiveness and comfort.

WABCO will also continue long-term to supply Yutong with electronic stability control (ESC) and electronic braking systems (EBS) as standard features for series production on Yutong's range of high-end buses.

"We greatly value WABCO's technology portfolio as it strongly supports our "Super Safety" program comprising ACC, ESC and EBS as standard features on high-end Yutong buses," said Tang Wang, Deputy Director of Technology, Yutong Bus Company. "We are also proud to be the first bus maker in China to equip vehicles with ACC, and as a result, the safety controls on our premier products are the most advanced in the Chinese market."

"We continue to pioneer new technologies for advanced safety and driver effectiveness as demonstrated by Yutong's choice of WABCO's ACC to further strengthen their leading position in the bus market in China and internationally," said Leon Liu, WABCO President, Asia. "Commercial vehicle manufacturers in China are increasingly attributing further value to vehicle and road safety, and as a result, they are growing their adoption of highly advanced technologies. This trend is a driver for increasing WABCO content per vehicle through specially developed, locally adapted systems and products."

WABCO pioneered ESC for commercial vehicles in 2001 and has continued to innovate this safety technology ever since. ESC improves directional stability and helps protect against roll-over, skidding and spinning as well as jack-knifing in tractor-trailer combinations. WABCO has sold more than 100,000 ESC systems since its introduction.

WABCO introduced EBS for heavy duty commercial vehicles in 1996 and has maintained its global leadership for this safety technology. EBS shortens the braking distance, enables stable steering throughout the braking procedure and improves driver effectiveness and comfort. It also improves brake wear, thus reducing maintenance cost.

In addition, WABCO currently supplies Yutong with electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS), braking products and anti-lock braking systems (ABS).

As the inventor of ABS for commercial vehicles, WABCO was first to introduce ABS in China. WABCO is currently China's major ABS supplier for trucks and buses.


WABCO (NYSE:WBC) is a leading global supplier of technologies and control systems for the safety and efficiency of commercial vehicles. For over 140 years, WABCO has pioneered breakthrough electronic, mechanical and mechatronic technologies for braking, stability and transmission automation systems supplied to the world's leading commercial truck, trailer and bus manufacturers. With sales of $2.2 billion in 2010, WABCO is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. For more information, visit www.wabco-auto.com.

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