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WADE Canada

April 07, 2011 17:00 ET

WADE Canada: Decentralized Energy is Critical to Offsetting Rising Energy Costs

CALGARY, ALBERTA--(Marketwire - April 7, 2011) - The recent report released by the Canadian Electrical Association prepared by the Conference Board of Canada is an excellent depiction of the daunting challenge for the energy markets in Canada. The nearly $200 billion of investment in generation alone, to meet projected demand, will require a coordinated national plan that needs to include clean and decentralized options.

"It is essential that Decentralized Energy is part of the energy solution for Canada," says Jan Buijk, President and CEO of EPS Ltd. and Chair of WADE Canada. "DE offers a much more efficient and nimble power alternative that has the added benefit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions. When coupled with energy efficiency and conservation strategies such as improved building envelop, waste heat recovery, energy management systems, energy storage and smart grid technology, the energy production costs are very competitive with traditional power generation."

While cleaner transmission-connected energy solutions such as hydro, wind, natural gas and nuclear will continue to be part of the mix, the inefficiencies of the transmission system also need to be considered in a Canadian power strategy. "Canadians think that clean energy technology is unproven or only applies to off-grid situations. However, there are many DE, grid-connected options that are reliable and cost effective for residential and business applications today. In fact, using DE generation to meet future demand will save us nearly 10% on our electricity bills," Buijk added. "Many provinces have already moved forward on policy to support and incent grid-connected decentralized and micro generation. Not only does this make a viable contribution to the supply mix, but it has proven to stimulate employment and provide operational benefits to homeowners, businesses and even municipalities."

WADE Canada is engaging world leaders in the clean energy dialogue by hosting the Global Clean Energy Congress in Calgary later this year. This event will be the venue for building a practical and comprehensive energy strategy that balances the supply and demand challenges, along with the environmental and economic considerations.

Created by industry for industry, WADE Canada is the country's leading capacity builder for clean and decentralized energy integration for our energy supply mix. WADE Canada is a registered, national, non-profit industry association which supports growth and development of the Decentralized Energy (DE) industry. Our vision is a sustainable energy future where affordable, efficient, reliable and clean DE technologies are deployed in community driven markets and enabled by progressive policies and legislation.

WADE Canada is also the co-host of the Global Clean Energy Congress, November 1-3, 2011, in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

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