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April 22, 2014 16:04 ET

WAMS, Inc. Successfully Integrates CCC Macro Pro Product Onto Cloud Connect

Legal Macro Package Developer Is Impressed With How Flawlessly His Software Package for Law Firms Works on the Fully Hosted WAMS Cloud Platform

BREA, CA--(Marketwired - April 22, 2014) - WAMS, Inc., the premier provider of both on-site and cloud-based IT solutions for law firms, successfully integrated Crowther Macro Systems' CCC Macro Pro product onto the WAMS fully hosted cloud solution, Cloud Connect. This is one of only a number of times that CCC Macro Pro has been hosted in a virtual desktop cloud environment.

"The macro package is a complex and highly customized product, and it integrated seamlessly in the cloud-based environment developed by WAMS," said Eric Crowther, president and founder of Crowther Macro Systems. "Our client is very pleased with the results!"

WAMS has transitioned numerous law firms to the cloud and onto WAMS Cloud Connect, each with their own custom needs and applications. They are continually adding new applications and customizations to their cloud environment and are pleased to now certify CCC Macro Pro on the platform.

"Every law firm is unique, and their IT network often reflects that," said Kevin Haight, General Manager of WAMS, Inc. "WAMS Cloud Connect recognizes the need for customization, and we built the highly secure, scalable, and flexible Cloud Connect platform with law firms' specific needs in mind. We're proud to be the premier choice for law firms looking into moving to the cloud."

Each Cloud Connect environment is built specifically for every client, ensuring that the integrations and customizations remain an integral component of the network, even though all of the data is now hosted in a highly secure, off-site facility. The client can access their entire network anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

The built-in military-grade security measures combined with the ability to access your entire network at all times makes the WAMS Cloud Connect solution the best choice for firms looking to move to the cloud. 

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