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June 23, 2011 08:00 ET

Wanderport in Its Third and Final Phase to Production

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jun 23, 2011) - Wanderport Corp. (PINKSHEETS: WDRP) today released its corporate strategy and update to shareholders as it moves through its third and final Phase in the production of the innovative microwave energy tank-less water heater.

Wanderport is delighted to report the following


  • The company now updates, maintains and discloses current financial information and material exhibits sustaining "OTC Current Information" status on
  • Increased trading volumes, awareness and exposure resulting from the company's recent announcements.
  • The company has not increased the number of outstanding shares since August 2009 and Wanderport does not foresee any short term changes to share structure including reverse or forward split unless under the review and advice of legal council or transfer agent.
  • A third heat exchanger patent application has been filed.
  • Successfully completed and provided proof of a working prototype which demonstrated a definitive capacity to increase water temperature substantially.
  • Entered into a new and expanded commitment with a third party engineering firm towards an anticipated commercial product.
  • Entered into an agreement with Underwriter's Laboratories UL® providing a relationship through which safety and efficiency recommendations and/or approvals can be applied to the anticipated "level one" commercial product.

Wanderport Corporation has completed Phases I and II (prototype) and is now entrenched into its third and final Phase.


  • Continued work with design and engineering partners on the mechanical considerations of the unique multi-cavity microwave energy tank-less water heater's (MCMHU) production.
  • Update the heat exchanger design and produce it in sufficient quantities to allow for the MCMHU's production.
  • Apply any Underwriter's Laboratories UL® safety or efficiency recommendation and/or approval to the MCMHU.
  • Build and Beta test the MCMHU using new and existing driver circuitry in a residential environment moving away from the Lab.
  • Make use of the completed "level one" MCMHU to secure a manufacturing and financing agreement.
  • Develop additional global distribution channels and re-affirm devoted, existing distribution agreements.
  • Re-visit and maintain relationships with Asian suppliers during the upcoming month of July, 2011.

Robert Simoneau, Wanderport's Technical Advisor and Product Licensor will be travelling to Asia.


  • Meetings with Midea Electromechanical Equipment Group and other prospective Asian suppliers in order to facilitate replacing existing driver circuitry with a more compact, efficient and cost effective driver circuitry, as well as arranging for other components required by eventual production.
  • Meeting with Mr. Gavin Ovens, of Gavin Ovens Holdings PTY LTD. presently Wanderport's Australian distributor, to re-affirm commercial agreements and to attend the "Sustainable Water Solutions Conference" in Singapore. The following is a link to the conference:

Mr. Simoneau is quoted by saying, "Attending this conference with Mr. Ovens, who is a water expert, demonstrates Wanderport's desire to not only be a technological leader but also to become a legitimate and influential member of the 'water treatment community.'" "This conference illustrates the challenges we all face with regards to maintaining water quality and its conservation on a worldwide basis. Our microwave energy tank-less water heater will help mitigate some of these challenges by providing a means for this scarce resource to be properly utilized," continued Mr. Simoneau.

Each represent endless growth potential for the company and can be seen below:

  • THE CONSUMER MARKET, which consists of new homes, condominiums, as well as renovations or replacement of old units built with outdated inefficient technologies.
  • THE INDUSTRIAL SEGMENTS, which include various industrial applications such as:
    • Fast food restaurant and fruit and vegetable sanitization applications
    • Hotel bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities
    • Boating crafts, swimming pools and military applications
    • Numerous associations; namely, campgrounds and their facilities all over the world.


Wanderport Corporation has an established global sales and distribution network already in place. Sales agreements consist of five year terms from the moment a market enabling product is supplied and include sales and distribution projections with the obligation to develop their respective territories and/or domestic markets.

"American water heater annual purchases alone represent an enormous eight billion dollar industry and with our unique technology I am of the opinion that there will be very little resistance to acquire a limitless market share. Part of our objective in Phase III is to get hold of at least one percent ($80,000,000 USD) of the USA market within a two to five year period," stated Mr. Richard Martel, President and CEO of Wanderport Corporation.

About Wanderport Corporation:
Wanderport Corporation holds the worldwide rights to the microwave energy tank-less water heater technology through its exclusive Licensing agreement. The technology's founding company, Pulsar Advanced Technologies Inc., wasthe proud recipient of the 2005 TIPTA award (TCA; Toronto Construction Association, Innovative Product and Technology Award), recognizing excellence in product innovation and technology development for the microwave energy tank-less water heater. Since then, Wanderport Corporation acquired the exclusive rights retained by its Inventor and Licensor Mr. Robert Simoneau also acting as Wanderport's Technical Advisor. Wanderport Corporation remains focused on developing business, making investments and acquiring licenses of products and technologies that deploy "Green" environmentally friendly alternatives, which reduce water and energy consumption as well as global dependence on oil.

Important Information About Forward-Looking Statements:
Please be advised that statements made herein, other than historical data, constitute forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those stated or implied by such forward-looking statements. The potential risks and uncertainties include, among others, potential volatility in the company's stock price, increased competition, customer acceptance of new products and services to be offered by the company, and uncertainty of future revenue and profitability and fluctuations in its quarterly operating efforts.

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