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August 17, 2009 10:34 ET

Washington State Selects ETS for Professional Teacher Assessment Delivery, Scoring and Reporting

PRINCETON, NJ--(Marketwire - August 17, 2009) - Educational Testing Service, the worldwide leader in assessment development, today announced that it has been selected by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board as the contractor for the delivery, scoring and score reporting components of the Professional Certificate Portfolio of Evidence Assessment (called the Washington ProTeach Portfolio).

Practicing teachers must pass this assessment in order to gain professional certification within five years of initial licensure. The annual volume for this assessment is expected to total around 2,500.

"Through our work on the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, California Teaching Performance Assessment, Kansas Performance of Teaching Portfolio, and now the Washington ProTeach Portfolio, ETS continues to push the field of teacher assessment and evaluation forward," says Linda Tyler, ETS Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Teacher Licensure and Certification.

ETS already serves as the consultant for assessment design, development and piloting, but is partnering with LiveText, which serves the education community with e-portfolio solutions to create an online performance assessment system. Teachers will register and submit their evidence electronically and will receive their scores online.

Tyler adds, "In establishing a single online environment for performance assessment, ETS and LiveText will create a platform that we will be able to use for other such assessments."

For the ProTeach Portfolio, candidates will be required to submit responses to three sets of entry directions which measure the Washington Professional Certificate standards and criteria. These sets are Professional Growth and Contributions; Building a Learning Community; and Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment. The scores for the three entries will be summed, using a compensatory model. Candidates will meet a single passing standard and will be able to determine which entries to retake should they not meet the standard.

"The innovative resources of ETS and LiveText are making the Washington ProTeach Portfolio a state-of-the-art portfolio assessment measuring whether candidates have met the standards and criteria for the Washington professional certificate," says Stephen Rushing, Chair of the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board.

"The online assessment provides maximum transparency, flexibility and convenience for the candidates. Also, the use of Washington educators in the electronic scoring closes the loop for continuous improvement to the licensure system, as well as providing an excellent professional growth opportunity to experienced teachers," adds Esther Baker, Program Director, Teacher Assessments for the PESB.

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