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July 11, 2012 09:00 ET

Watchitoo Unveils New Device to Make Internet Video Ready for Prime Time

Empowers Broadcast Studios to Dramatically Improve Image and Sound Quality

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Jul 11, 2012) - Watchitoo today introduced a new device that enables broadcast studios to upgrade Web video quality and pipe the improved video streams to TV.

The Watchitoo Channel Encoder 1000 (WCE-1000) is a server/hardware combination that can turn a Web video stream into an HDTV-quality product by treating it like an in-studio camera feed. For the first time, producers have the granular control they need over frame rate, pixel resolution and audio quality.

This capability is especially powerful in combination with the Watchitoo interactive streaming platform, which enables up to 25 people to join a group video chat via their webcams. Producers can now handle each participant -- as well as any content under discussion -- as a separate composite video feed. Or they can take all the feeds.

The WCE-1000 has major implications for organizations using Internet content for TV or Web TV. It enables them to:

Provide true HDTV video and audio quality from Internet video streams;

  • Pick individual participants from a group videochat and present them to viewers however they wish;
  • Separate video from audio for quality engineering;
  • Silence redundant audio; and
  • Easily send the output to the Web, TV or both.

"Viewers demand high-definition-quality media on the TV and Internet," said Watchitoo CEO Rony Zarom. "With the WCE-1000, they will no longer suffer through the low-quality Web video feeds they've seen on television and streaming sites. Higher-quality video, and more control over how it's presented to the viewer, will tremendously benefit social TV on the Web, cable and the broadcast networks. The result will be driving more viewers to great content. The boundaries between the Internet and the television are blurring, and we're helping drive that revolution."

How it works
The WCE allows producers to connect and screen remote virtual participants through the Watchitoo platform control room. The technical producer can control the remote participants' source stream, using the WCE-1000 control panel to set frame rate and bandwidth to obtain the best possible feed. The server's administration/configuration screens enable the producer to set resolution and frames-per-second (FPS) output.

The multi-stream feeds are then pushed through the Watchitoo content delivery network, outputted to the WCE-1000, and encoded through Watchitoo hardware that feeds into a network studio switcher (via HDMI - HD/SDI). Studio producers can then switch and broadcast the Watchitoo feeds to television and/or Web as desired.

The WCE-1000 is a turnkey solution that includes a server, customization and training. It is available now. For more information, contact +1 (212) 354-5888 or

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