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March 19, 2008 22:00 ET

WatchMouse Research Finds Poor Site Performance for ASX Listed Companies -- Telstra Scores the Worst

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS--(Marketwire - March 19, 2008) - WatchMouse, a leader in website performance monitoring, tested the sites belonging to Australian's largest listed companies for errors, availability and performance. Of the 51 monitored sites, 63% were found to have 'good' or 'OK' uptime while an alarming 37% ranked as 'poor.' The most concerning inclusion in the list of 'poor' performers is that of Australia's leading telco provider, Telstra with 98.1% uptime. Newscrest and Alumina sites recorded the worst uptime with 89.7% and 88.5% respectively which equates to both sites being unavailable for more than 3 days during the month of monitoring.

In line with industry standards, WatchMouse ranks a site's uptime as 'good' if it is greater than or equal to 99.9%, 'OK' if it is between 99.89% - 99.01% and 'poor' if it is less than or equal to 99%. WatchMouse CTO, Mark Pors points out that "99% uptime sounds great but when you calculate it, this means 80+ hours of downtime a year. That's one working day per month."

WatchMouse monitored the sites between 11 February - 13 March 2008 during which one of WatchMouse's monitoring stations attempted to access the homepage of each site every five minutes. Sites were expected to download within 4 seconds without any errors. Combining the errors, speed (load time) and availability measurements, WatchMouse calculated a Site Availability Index (SPI) for each of the sites. An SPI of less than or equal to 1,000 represents a 'well performing' site, 1,001 - 1,999 is regarded as 'acceptable,' while a score of above 2,000 represents a site with 'serious user issues.'

Of the 51 monitored sites, a whooping 26 scored an SPI of above 2,000; the vast majority as a result of very long load times. Mark Pors said, "We're very surprised by these results. We'd expect Australia's largest listed companies to place a great deal of importance on having a well performing site; as a company's site is a tool to providing investors with information and to project a professional corporate image. Instead we've found 50% had serious user issues. WatchMouse has been monitoring sites belonging to companies listed on some of the world's largest stock exchanges for many years and never before found such a poor overall result."

WatchMouse expected a very large telco like Telstra to have the knowledge, facilities and desire to build a fast and reliable site. Shockingly, Telstra's main site was found to have the worst SPI with a score of 8,018. Other sites with very poor SPIs belong to AGL Energy with 5,129 and Westfarmer with 4,207.

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