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April 23, 2013 06:25 ET

Water Damage Company Compares 5 Worst Floods in Chicago History

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Apr 23, 2013) - The leading Water Damage Company in the Chicago, Illinois area,, talks about the top 5 worst floods in Chicago, Illinois history, going back to 1987, when $220 million dollars worth of damage happened and 3 people died due to the 9.5 inches of rain.

1. April 13, 1992

The number 1 spot goes to a flood that was caused by something other than heavy rainfall. On this day in April 1992, a damaged utility wall beneath the Chicago River collapsed and caused a widespread "underground flood" that filled up basements with over 250 million gallons of water throughout Chicago's "Loop." One thing that was so strange about this flood was that if you looked at the streets, you would have had no idea how big of a disaster it really was. At its peak, there was 40 feet of water in some buildings. Both Chicago's Board of Trade and Mercantile Exchange were closed, making the effects of this flood felt worldwide. It took over 3 days to clear the water out of buildings to a point where repairs could begin and cost close to $2 billion when all was said and done. Everyone has heard "The Chicago Fire;" well, this truly was "The Chicago Flood."

2. August 13-14, 1987

During this 2 day span in April of 1987, Chicagoans saw almost 9.5″ of rain. Before the rain hit, the city was in an extreme drought, seeing only .39″ of rain and temperatures in the mid 90s. As the storm approached people were welcoming the storm as the ground was extremely dry. Unfortunately, everyone got much more than they bargained for: $220 million in damages and 3 lives were lost.

3. July 23, 2011

For those that experienced this storm, it was truly a sight to see. Not only does it hold the current record for most rainfall for a single day in Chicago, but it did so in amazing fashion. The 6.86″ rain came down in a 3 hour span as lightning flashes lit up the night sky. Many expressways were closed and over 160,000 residents were left without power during the storm's peak, according to ComEd.

4. September 13, 2008

Prior to having the record for most rainfall in a single day stripped by the storm sitting at number 3, this day recorded the most rain in one day since the National Weather Service started keeping track in 1871. 6.64″ and 90 billion gallons of water fell onto Chicago during this 24 hour span.

5. April 17-18, 2013

 Everyone has heard that April showers bring May flowers, but the rainfall we have been dealing with over the past 2 days is very unusual. On average, the Chicagoland area gets an average of 3.38″ during the month of April. So far we have seen 5.48″ of rain and widespread flooding. The Dan Ryan Expressway has been closed and Mayor Pat Quinn has declared a state of emergency to help with relief efforts. Also, the Chicago River has been allowed to flow into Lake Michigan for relief, something that hasn't happened in over a century, to avoid pollution to Chicago's drinking water. When all is said and done this storm may rank even higher on our list, but for now it sits at number 5.

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