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Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc.

March 19, 2015 16:17 ET

Water Damage Restoration Company -- Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. -- Restores Thousands of Square Feet of Commercial and Residential Damage After Winter Ice Storm

Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS) Accepts Multi-State Restoration Projects After Winter Ice Storms Causes Power Outages in the Northeast

NANUET, NY--(Marketwired - Mar 19, 2015) -  A recent northeast snow and ice storm brought an influx of business for Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. (TERS), leading disaster recovery, water damage restoration and fire damage restoration company headquartered in Nanuet, N.Y. The severe ice storm caused power outages, leaving homes and commercial buildings without heating systems. The low temperatures caused pipe freezing and eventually, pipe bursting. Burst pipe property damage is a common occurrence in areas prone to below-freezing temperatures.

TERS' largest restoration project during the ice storm was an upstate N.Y. mall. The commercial building faced more than 50,000 square feet of damage. Within 36 hours, TERS' crew set up drying equipment and heating systems to keep indoor temperatures above 75 degrees, drying all water-affected areas. TERS restored the retail stores' large storage areas without affecting normal mall activity. Altogether, TERS supplied more than 500 drying and heating units to finish the job quickly.

Thermal imaging devices allow TERS team members to see the amount of heat in indoor areas to advise clients which parts of their house have the potential to also face additional damage. TERS prides itself in not only property damage restoration, but preventing further damage from occurring. Each restoration project comes with a three-year warranty at no additional cost to the client.

TERS supervisors coordinated the project with multiple retail stores within the N.Y. mall, and included the mall's insurance companies. Around-the-clock project monitoring and hourly updates allowed store management to take proper precautions and keep business running. "It is a great pleasure to see our customers back in business," says Gary (Gadi) Shaked, president of TERS.

All TERS' restoration equipment and services are green -- meaning, completely free of chemicals and toxins. TERS ensures client safety throughout all restoration efforts and monitors air quality to guarantee welfare of all building occupants.

TERS' offices are located in N.Y., but the company services N.Y., N.J., Conn., R.I., Mass., Pa., Del., and Md. With hundreds of team members, TERS can work several projects in separate states simultaneously. TERS is not a franchise; all equipment is TERS-owned and is maintained in-house. No third party or sub-contractor is necessary, meaning a lower final cost for the client.

To prevent pipe freezing and bursting, TERS suggests running the faucets during a power outage in winter temperatures. The American Red Cross supports the statement: "Running water through the pipe -- even at a trickle -- helps prevent pipes from freezing."

Total Environmental Restoration Solutions, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental services for commercial and residential facilities, industrial buildings, schools, hospitals and hotels. Aside from water damage restoration, TERS specializes in fire damage restoration, indoor air quality, document restoration, as well as restoration of indoor layout, electronics, machinery, books and artwork. The company has a 24-hour emergency assistance line for around-the-clock emergencies. For a complete list of TERS' services and additional information, visit or call 877-777-3117.

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